Already weekend, April 9-10


Coming out of the house …

…do not forget an umbrella. Temperature: 1 — 7 C.

Do not pass:

9 — The Congress Youth BPF BPF office in Minsk. Beginning at 11.00.

10 — The British group «The Tiger Lillies» at the "Reactor". Performance starts at 19:00.


9 — European Commission President Manuel Barroso Zhuze in Macedonia.

10 — "Day of Wrath" — opposition rally in Moscow.

10 — In Warsaw, mark the first anniversary of the death of President Lech Kaczynski and kalya100 officials in the government plane crash near Smolensk.


9 — In 1865 ended the American Civil War, in the town of South Apatomaks troops led by Robert E. Lee surrendered to the troops of the North, led by Ulysses Grant.

9 — In 1966, the Vatican canceled the Index of prohibited books.

9 — In 1991, Georgia declared its independence from the USSR.

10 — In 1847, Joseph was born Pulitser (d. 1911), a poor immigrant from Hungary, who made a fortune in the United States in the publication of newspapers, founder of the School of Journalism and awards in his name (Pulitzer Prize).

There is a reason:

9 — Day of the Finnish language.

MINUS 365: Flowers and candles at the Polish Embassy

Quote to remember:

"Publicity, publicity, publicity — that's the greatest moral factor and force in our public life."

Joseph Pulitser

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