Altai in 2012, was at the epicenter of attention UFO — ufologists

January 10, 2013 20:04

Altay figures among the Russian regions, where in 2012 there were reports of UFO sightings — is the result of observations made on the basis of the program UFOseti, coordinator of public and published research association "Kosmopoisk" Vadim Chernobrov.

Thus, the author notes that over the past 2012 Union "received 265 operational messages UFOseti program." Of them in Russia accounted for 70 posts.

It is noteworthy that among the regions, where most often breaking news, stands near Moscow, Krasnodar and Altai Krai. Also in the list of Russian subjects is the Republic of Komi, Leningrad, Volgograd, Samara, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Irkutsk region.

As for other countries, here most are reporting UFOs were Ukraine, Estonia, Great Britain, France, China, Japan, Canada, USA, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina and Australia.

It is also noted that in early 2012, there was an increased amount of objective UFO "that was predicted in advance UFOseti."

Vadim Chernobrov also led the major trends that have marked the unidentified flying objects in appearance to the previous year. Thus, states: "In comparison with the previous year did not change the number of polymorphs (objects that change form), conical, sharp-nosed, faroobraznyh, dumbbell. Increased the percentage of disk-shaped, triangular UFO. Decreased the percentage of spherical, cigar-shaped, oblakoobraznyh, rectangular, cylindrical, elliptical UFO. "

It was also reported that the decrease in the number of objects, "moving around the country (usually zigzag) path." Also increased the number of objects that emit light rays and conducting landing.

"Of particular note is the increase of triangular objects (by 1.2 times compared to the previous year, 2.5 times more than two years earlier, and 2 times more than the previous peak of observations — in 2008)," — is also the author of .

UFO causes a whole list of different data and summarizes the annual report with the words: "Analysis of the ongoing trends will continue."

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