American Mo. visited UFO

October 19, 2011 21:59

A resident of Missouri shot on his camera phone of his two unidentified flying object in the form of luminous balls

A resident of Missouri removed the camera of your phone two unidentified flying objects in the form of luminous balls. On the record shows how quickly they fly across the evening sky, and then hiding behind the trees.

Soon after this video hit the Internet. Viewed its users suggested that presentations are UFOs — it's just a toy plane with light, skeptics were quick to announce the fraud, the website

But for the four previously witnessed UFOs in the skies of Missouri was another American, who also managed to remove it on video, though her "alien ship" had a more impressive size. As a result, Missouri entered the hot top five U.S. states, which are often visited by "aliens."

But in China UFO scare in last weekend residents in Shandong Province, was quite a terrestrial origin. As it turned out, the sky was unmanned airship, performing a test flight and lost control, according to ITAR-TASS.


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