An activist of the Belarusian Christian Democracy lost the court KGB

Mogilev Leninsky court rejects appeal of activists created the Belarusian Christian Democracy party Tatiana Shambalava. Shambalava tried to cancel an official warning and the statement on the register in the KGB.

The court's decision did not satisfy her complaint Tatiana Shambalava considers politically motivated. She is convinced that the judge Andrei Yurchenko could not take that decision, as it came to the KGB. Employees of the intelligence services, said the activist, and the court did not give conclusive evidence that she violated the law:

"They brought a bunch of printouts from the Internet, anonymous comments. And this is some kind of proof. That's a laugh. It turns out that we have for the KGB law does not apply. They are in any case to act as they want. Cause, to record on audio, the video without your knowledge and then where you want to use these records and they are admissible in court as evidence. Again showed that the court we did not exist as such, and we have the all-powerful KGB. "

Boris Buhel

The representative of the interests of human rights activist Tatyana Shambalava Boris Buhel prove to the court that the KGB, when reprimanded, exceeded the powers laid down by the legislation:

"In this case, the KGB is trying to pocket contrary to applicable law functions and the police, and the prosecutor's office and the Ministry of Justice. Although the court was clear that they are the professional issues do not own those articles that they are "sewn" Shambalava — is the competence of the police or the prosecution. "

Since the complainant claims representative of the regional department of the KGB Valery Artsykav did not agree. The court he claimed that the activist first her representative Boris Buhel misinterpret the law or deliberately distort it.

Artsykav and his colleague Andrew Mahunov adjusted: Shambalava activities could harm the national interests of Belarus. They say, the proof of this — the activist part in a protest on Independence Square on December 19 and acting on behalf of an unregistered organization — Belarusian Christian Democracy party.

Application for registration — a warning Shambalava. KGB officers have made it clear that if it is to continue its activities, it can lead to criminal liability.

Boris Buhel"One of the goals of our complaint was that they thought the next time and refused to even the thought of people illegally put on the register. KGB virtually uncontrolled structure, and then the KGB was the first time in a real trial. They're not used to it. She spent a lot of time, energy and nerves. "

And Tatiana Shambalava, and Boris Buhel say they will continue to plead with the KGB. They are already preparing to Mogilev Regional Court against the decision of the Leninsky court Mogilev.


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