Anastasia Palazhanka: How can one characterize the event in different ways?

Deputy Chairman of the "Young Front" Anastasia Palazhanka commented on the final charge. Journalist Natalia Radin called home. Convicted activist Mikita Lihavid have not abandoned the intention to hold a hunger strike. Chief of Staff of Andrei Sannikov, Vladimir Kobets have not yet begun to familiarize with the case.

April 7 deputy chairman of "Young Front" Anastasia Palazhanka was summoned to the KGB. Anastasia has read the materials criminal case and witnessed it with his signature. Woman accused in the organization of activities that breach public order, or to participate in them. An activist pleaded not guilty. Having two different qualifications than one event Anastasia Palazhanka considers revealing fact:

"How can it be that at one and the same area can occur simultaneously and riots and actions grossly violating public order? Now human rights activists and lawyers should seek excuses were convicted under article on the riots. As for my case, the guilt I did not recognize on the article about the riots, and do not recognize now, in a milder article. "

Anastasia Palazhanka


Vladimir Kobets

Natalia Radin

Nikita Lihavid

Pavel Vinogradov

The wife of former presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva Olga from a correspondent of "Freedom" has learned that came out of the KGB detention center UCP head Anatoly Lebedko"Good. Maybe somebody else will release ".

Vladimir and Olga Nyaklyaeu forbidden to use the Internet, and state television about the affairs of the KGB prison inmates are not reported.

April 7 Nyaklyayeu the sixth day in a row acquainted with his criminal case. "His mood is buoyant, holding", — said the husband Olga Neklyaeva.

In late January of KGB prison on bail was dismissed the chief of staff of Andrei Sannikov Vladimir Kobets. How's activist now? Vladimir Kobets said, "Freedom", which in the past from the time of its release is not called in for questioning, as well as to study the case:

"There may call at any time. My status remains the same — the accused under house arrest. "

The site editor "Hartyya97" Natalia Radin called home.

Mother journalist Hope Radin: "She said that she's okay, it's okay. Located in a refugee camp. Now comes the design of its documents. After a few days, call again. "

In which country Radina found shelter, she is not saying. By Hope Radin, the KGB again became interested in their family. April 6 KGB officers searched the house, in which computer was confiscated by Natalia nephew.

Natalia Radin, who lived in Kobrin under house arrest, had fled from Belarus on March 31.

April 7 at the prison on the street date was Volodarskogo activist of the Movement "For Freedom" Nikita Lihavida with his mother. Elena Lihavid said that finally the intention to go on a hunger strike to protest against the verdict Nikita refused:

"He said that he will wait for the decision the Court of Cassation, then decide." "Another big hello to all transfers. He received a letter from an unknown woman who has decided to support him. A short letter of support, but he is very grateful. From Anastasia Palazhanka also received a letter and a postcard. Thank you all, Hello. "

Nikita punished Lihavida 3.5 years in prison for taking part in a mass rally on December 19.

Staff activist Vladimir Neklyaeva Pavel Vinogradov familiar with the case, which will soon be filed in court. Girl Svetlana Paul says in his letters tell — "so, does not lose his presence of mind, and hopes soon to leave."



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