Anatoly Lebedko: Three months — no questioning

In the evening, April 6 on his own recognizance released from the KGB detention center Anatoly Lebedko. As the leader of the United Civil Party thinks about the actions of his colleague Yaroslav Romanchuk immediately after the election? Or he confirms the statement Ales Mikhalevich of torture in the "American"? These and other questions were asked former prisoner journalists at the first press conference in the office of UCP Liabedzka.

April 7 in the morning the leader of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko first time in four months he spent caucuses. In addition to the activists in the party office crammed a lot of journalists. Anatoly Lebedko appeared before them with a new look: long hair in the style of an amateur rock 70s, energetic gestures, self-irony. Liabedzka confirmed that three months KGB detention have read a lot and changed my mind. As a young man, began to write poetry. "Thank Neklyaeva haunted" — joked politician. More Liabedzka wrote in prison narrative and philosophical notes, but it's all taken away captors yesterday at the exit of "American." Conditionally stay behind bars Anatoly Lebedko divided into three periods: December-January, when the KGB detention center led by people in black masks. It was the most difficult period. February, when the small liberalization. And in March, when the situation returned to normal, but no more than the usual typical Soviet prison:

First of all, what's in my head — to try to make a public organization, and through it to start a real fight for the change of the system …

"Our whole prison system — the Soviet, and the" American "- is no exception. System is completely focused on what to humiliate people. If you make conclusions about it now, the first thing in my mind — to try to make a public organization and through her to start a real fight for the change of the system. This must be done quickly because the system simply maims people. Everything was there. Once in the system, no one person can not feel normal, and is especially bad for people who are not prepared for it physically and mentally. And here I was much lighter than the others. "

Anatoly Lebedko admitted that it was used for rough handling and actions that could be considered torture. "They put on the" banner ", did the test cold and light. But the gulls, as Michalevic, treated," — said the leader of the United Civil Party.

Reporters asked Anatoly Lebedko about his attitude to the statement of former presidential candidate Yaroslav Romanchuk on BT made after the mass arrests on December 19. Liabedzka declined to comment, citing the fact that he had seen the statement and he needed time to sort out happened.

As for the prospects of judicial business, their Anatoly Lebedko almost did not see, except for the scene where he hit the camera of unknown operator. "The administrative violation, not more," — admits Anatoly Lebedko. Meanwhile charges of participation and organization of mass riots left politics. He believed without proof:

"Maybe the court in front, but … So I look at the penultimate paper that I was given, when ruled that last for 5 months of my stay

We have the power to propose to discuss one fundamental question we need to change the rules of the electoral campaigns. If this is not will be madeOh, why do it? …

behind bars. See here 18 names. But I have 8 of them do not know what kind of people. Meanwhile I'm with them prior to the alleged conspiracy. With 16 of the 18 I did not face to discuss the issues of the election campaign, but it turns out that I agree with them … Abnormal logic, yet there is a charge. It is for the court can, and proof, but people will see. By the way, today I will discuss with colleagues the proposal. We have the power to propose to discuss one fundamental question we need to change the rules of the electoral campaigns. DO NOT make cosmetic changes, but the real, fundamental. Which will give the opportunity to adequately reflect the will of the voters. If this is not will be madeOh, why do it? Why take part in the elections, after which you then torn from their families, forced to cry fucking paralyze the activities of normal structures without any fighters, not terrorists? We must once and for all to solve it. "

The fact that he was released from the KGB, as well as exhibiting some of the participants of events on December 19 soft charges, Anatoly Lebedko said mode signal its readiness to bargain with the West. Meanwhile, the leader of the United Civil Party, the current Belarusian regime can not be trusted, and to start contact with it can only be subject to the release of all political prisoners on 19 December.

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