Andrei Poczobut change the preventive measure of arrest

The journalist of "Gazeta Wyborcza" Andrzej Poczobut is in custody in the October Grodno police station on Gaya Street, where he was delivered at night, he changed the measure of restraint.

In the insulator already gone Pochobut wife Oksana, it will try to find out something about her husband and hopes to give him a transfer.

Colleague Andrew Pochobut by the opposition Union of Poles Igor Bantser, Andrew who drove yesterday in Minsk, told the "Freedom" details arrest. First, their car was detained in Hrodna and ordered to go to the regional prosecutor's office. The investigator read out a decree ordered not to leave the city, it has been under house arrest. Andrei Poczobut refused to sign, he explained that the trip — his job and now he's going to Minsk. Igor Bantser said that after they left the prosecutor's office and went to the capital.

The second time they were detained for Skidel, they managed to drive thirty miles. Andrei Poczobut said that he had broken on his own recognizance, and he will change the measure of restraint. After that, the journalist was taken to the prosecutor's office, there arrived Lawyer Alexander Birilov. Andrei Poczobut said change it on his own recognizance on the arrest and was taken to the detention center.

Vs. Andrei Poczobut prosecuted for publication in "Gazeta Wyborcza" and private blog. Pochobut suspected of insulting the president, he faces up to two years in prison.

In past years on charges of insulting the president to various prison terms and restrictions were sentenced leaders of entrepreneurs' movement Valery Levaneuskiand and Alyaksandr Vasilyev, politician Andrei Klimov, journalist and politician Ivashkevich, Journalists Paul Mozheyko and Markevich, human rights activist Catherine Sadovskaya militant labor movement Nikolay Razumov. Attempted to prosecute under the relevant article writer Vladimir Podgolov, paravaabarontsu Oksana Novikova.

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