Andrei Poczobut was detained for three days

The prosecutor's office of the Grodno region on April 6 for three days for violation of restriction delayed the "Gazeta Wyborcza" in Belarus Andrei Poczobut which is padazvravanym the case of insulting the president.

Andrei Poczobut was arrested on Wednesday night on the basis of the investigator as "being under house arrest, has declared his intention to leave the city," — said "Interfax"The representative of the regional prosecutor's office.

On He said, consequently considered that, after leaving the place of residence, Pochobut will impede the investigation within instituted against him criminal case.

Earlier, the prosecutor's office of the Grodno region said that "there is a criminal case, but no charges are filed, Pochobut has the status of a suspect, a measure of restraint for him not elected."

The duty of the temporary detention Kozlowski to a question about the journalist Poczobut said that "such information, they do not give over the phone."

Insulator, which brought Andrew Pochobut last night, is in the October police department of Hrodna.

Pochobut wife Oksana said Andrew wanted to April 7 to participate in the teleconference in Minsk of the European Commission to the European Parliament delegation for relations with Belarus.

Andrew foresaw that it can hold, to prevent this, so he decided to go the day before — April 6, but was delayed and is now in a detention center in Grodno.

Oksana Poczobut also said that to him yesterday evening — after working day investigator came and gave a summons to appear, the prosecutor's office on April 7. Andrew said he could appear at any other time, but since the 7th he met in Minsk, then he leaves. He wrote on the agenda that will not come.

When a reporter later left the machine from Grodno to Minsk, he was stopped and warned him to go back, that he can not leave the city. Then Andrei Poczobut was detained and taken to a police car, first in the prosecutor's office, then — in the infirmary.

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