Andrei Sannikov is asked to buy a prison uniform

Ex-presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, asked relatives to buy him a prison uniform. Consideration of the appeal Dmitri Dashkevich and Eduard Lobau June 17: on the eve of the "Young Front" announced details of freelance police officers, who testified against Dashkevich and Lobau. Nikita Lihavida should be released from lock-up on June 13. Information on Sunday's stage with Volodarka minimal.

According to Irina Khalip, her husband, former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov remains "Volodarka." "Andrew did not write an application to transfer the colony to the hearing of the appeal, examines the records of the process, is preparing to appeal. But think about the colony. Asked Rob to buy it special to wear in the colony — it is better to bring your own. True, ordered 2 sizes smaller than before wearing clothes. Apparently so thin ", — said Irina Khalip" Freedom. "

Danka every morning asking me for us to go to the mailbox and look, Dad did not send another letter with another fairy tale.

The son of Irina Khalip and Andrei Sannikov's 4-year-old Danica is waiting for the pope tales, which he sent in letters from prison. However, the correspondence with the pope prisoner, irregular, says Irina Khalip:

"Danka every morning asking me for us to go to the mailbox and look, Dad did not send another letter with another fairy tale. And if there's nothing there, if a box is empty, Danica offended. But, fortunately, not the pope, and on postmen who walk very slowly and do not bring him daily letters from the pope. "

Andrei Sannikov was sentenced to five years in prison under the organization of mass disorder. According to the same article sentenced to 6 and 5.5 years of ex-presidential candidates Statkevich andDmitry Moustache. On Saturday night, their was transferred from the "Queen" in the colony: Statkievich — in Shklovsky Usa — in the "Mogilev-15." Along with Nikolai Statkevich was transferred to Shkloŭ former policeman Alexander Klaskouski. Father Klaskouski political prisoner Alexander Sr. shared information that allegedly one day they had reached the colony Shklou:

"General once told his wife that they are already there, under Shklou: taken at night and during the day were taken. Statkevich was transferred along with Sasha. "

Relatives of Alexander Klaskouski await a letter from him about how to put his squad. According to the rules of the former police officers have to keep in a separate troop.

Dmitry Dashkevich on the weekend, too, was transferred from the "Queen" in another place. As it became known later — in Zhodinsky remand. The leader of the "Young Front" refused to write application for transfer to the colony in Gorki to appeal, as a result he was sent to Zhodino, where the insulator has a worse reputation than the "Volodarka."

Imagine, tomorrow I'm going somewhere, but where, I do not know.

Deputy Chairman of the "Young Front" Anastasia Palazhanka: "They told him to write a statement to the colony in Gorky. He declined again, but still waiting stages. And the people who were sitting with him, told him that now there are stages in a Novosady, whether in Zhodino. And here he is in the last lines of the letter says: imagine tomorrow I'll be somewhere, but where, I do not know. "

Meanwhile, the press-service of the "Young Front", referring to competent sources, put information about individuals who allegedly "suffered" at the hands of Dmitry Dashkevich and Eduard Lobau in December last year.

It Konstantin Savitsky and Oleg Malyshev's claims of "Young Front". In court, these people said they allegedly do not work anywhere, but the "Young Front" claims that they — freelancers Condo district police. Malyshev, according to the press service of the "Young Front" allegedly previously been convicted for drug trafficking.

Consideration of the appeal Dmitri Dashkevich and Eduard Lobau appointed on June 17 in Minsk City. The activists pleaded not guilty and say provocation organized by intelligence agencies.

Mother activist Nikita Lihavida Elena believes her son today, June 13, should be released from solitary confinement. Information about his son in prison Novopolotsk Elena Lihavid not give.


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