Andrew Pochobut can keep in jail pending trial?

Oksana gave Pochobut today arrested the husband, journalist Andrei Poczobut, food and other things. Andrew is in a police detention center in Grodno. He is a suspect in a criminal case of defamation of the president of Belarus (Article 368 of the Criminal Code). In this case it twice in a row changed the measure — first took on his own recognizance, and April 6 — were arrested.

Oksana Poczobut told us that she went to the police department October Grodno, where the detention center. Transfer to the husband took it says:

"They took the clothes and food, the food was a little bit, did not think they would send. Thought maybe return pass, but once he is in custody, and not as sutachnik, it took everything."

According to information from the regional prosecutor's office, the journalist "Gazeta Wyborcza" used measure — arrest. It is said that he was under arrest for three days. Oksana Pochobut we asked — or told in the temporary detention, that her husband was released on Saturday evening, when held for three days from the time of his arrest? She replied:

On Saturday, in theory it can let go. Or detention pending trial …

"No, it did not say anything. Said — it's all of the investigator and the investigator's lawyer speaks. Until three days, but maybe on Saturday he will say to the court — in custody. 'Cause if it delayed the investigator, he did not say by how much. attorney general, said that at first it at least three days. On Saturday, in theory it can let go. Either change quite formally measure — detention before trial. "

Until yesterday evening preventive measure regarding Andrei Poczobut was taken. Today he wanted to to participate in Minsk in the teleconference with the delegation of the European Commission European Parliament on Belarus. They set out on the eve of the machine with Igor Bantser, but they detained twice.

"The investigator read out the decision in which he ordered not to leave the city, under house arrest so-called. Pochobut had sign. But he said he would not sign, and wrote that he was a journalist: this is my job, I have to go. The investigator did not arrest him at that time, did not change the measure of restraint. We just walked out and left, and then we were detained for Grodno all, we now change the measure of restraint, they say, he broke on his own recognizance. "

Andrei Poczobut was taken to the Regional Prosecutor's Office, and at night was put under arrest, said Igor Bantser.

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