Anomalous zone of Lake Ladoga

November 17, 2012 0:26

Shore of Lake Ladoga. Photo:

Lake Ladoga — one of the most amazing Russian waters, about which currently make up the many myths and legends. Local residents from the beginning of the twentieth century often hear the sounds of unknown origin, coming as it were from the water of Lake Ladoga in the area between the cores of Balaam Konevets. The local name for this phenomenon — barrantidy. Sounds most often appear in the greatest depths of the lake and its terrible effects are still afraid of the local fishermen and passenger ships sailing past. Attempts to explain these abnormal sounds from the scientific point of view, made repeatedly: distorted sounds distant artillery barrage, distorted howling wind, etc. However, fishermen are still not satisfied with such "simple truths."In 1990 over Lake Ladoga approximately over the same area repeatedly observed a UFO, some observations were quite unique — rare in Russia could capture objects such cameras from several angles ["UFO" 1997, N 4, April, 1999, N 23, .11]. Some ufologists had the clear conviction that the area of Lake Ladoga is perhaps even underwater alien base (by the way, this area really is the deepest Lake). But later these unique cases were attributable to the flares, which took place just in the night observations.

Directions to the Lake Ladoga: From Saint-Petersburg or by river boat to the site, or on a vehicle drive north on the road A-179 in the area Priozersk. This beach is the closest to the area barrantid and "failed alien base" on the local high banks can be easily fitted with a good post-up.

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