Anonymous hackers attacked the site of the Kremlin

In the microblog on Twitter hackers, from the so-called movement Anonymous, representing the Russian wing. Was taken by the message in which they state to launch attacks on the Kremlin web resource. As it turned out during the inspection of sites and prezident.rf at 13:00 Moscow time really have a problem with access to those resources. Before May 6, before the action "March of a million" was a promise from the Russian wing Anonymous, support for the opposition in the form of hacker attacks. Their intentions hackers also reported May 4 with a video posted on the Internet, in it they talked about the upcoming attack on the site of the Prime Minister and the Government of Russia.

They implemented their threat 6th, despite attacks on and, site worked with some interruptions. Most Russian media also were attacked by hackers, as they reported on the same day. As a consequence, on a Sunday afternoon, I could not work as usual online resource channel "Rain", as well as the online edition, online resource "Echo of Moscow" in this day been able to work, but with significant disruptions.

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