April 6 is expected sentence for the words Luke flour

In administrative proceedings students Grodno meduniversitetu Catherine Gerasimchik already held two meetings. Woman accused that she wrote the words "Luke flour" on pastamentse Lenin monument in Grodno.

The police had detained Gerasimchik Catherine and her friend Olga Bogdanovich on the night of 11 to 12 February next to the statue of Lenin, the court could not unambiguously state that the inscription on the pedestal struck girl.

Both of them saw the girl went up to the pedestal, but they wrote it — the police did not see.

Olga executive committee testified in court that they went up on the podium just in order to see what is written there. Near the monument lay a can of paint. Catherine Gerasimchik picked it up and put it in my bag, thus leaving it to their fingerprints.

On the eve of Catherine Gerasimchik said he did not know what to wait for a court decision on Wednesday.

And the judge here, of course, watching with an eye to Minsk praesy and those that take place there

Gerasimchik: "But more and more I'm starting to think that I can give the day. Indeed, why else would they translate from day to day, the courts. Them to know what to do with me, then do not it was necessary to so long all this delay. "

Human rights activist Roman Yurhel, who was present at previous court hearings, notes that neither the court nor the scene was not found to have a relation to this line detained girls. Yurhel sure that this process is political and it is necessary to wait for a political solution.

Yurhel: "Looking at the what's going on in Minsk, and this, mind you, reducing charges, retraining so-called Mass bezparadkav on other actions. And the judge here, of course, watching with an eye to Minsk and those praesy, that there occur. "

During the detention of girls were carrying labels of "Young Front", and print with the words "Freedom Kirkevich," "Freedom Nyakleevu," "Freedom Fyaduta!." These stickers were pasted in the center of Grodno.

For this, the Administrative Commission of girls punished with fines of $ 10 minimum wages each, despite the fact that no one has found them to see how they pasted these stickers.

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