Arctic ozone thinning promised record

Europe Ecologie promised ozone layer in the Arctic spring 2011 record thinning, reports ScienceNews.
According to the researchers, in just a month rather large region (15 million square kilometers) in the vicinity of the North Pole has lost almost half of ozone. Thus, at present the number of ozone there is 306 Dobson units (units of the ozone layer) with normal to 430-380 units.

According to scientists, this low concentration of ozone is caused by the low temperature of the stratosphere. As one of the reasons for this is called a large amount of greenhouse gases that trap heat emitted from the earth, usually heats the upper atmosphere.

The researchers note that the ozone hole — a region of dramatic thinning of the ozone layer — education is not permanent, able to move. In particular, the Arctic may well be a hole for a few days to shift south, reaching latitudes of Italy and Greece.

In this case, people will be exposed to high levels of ultraviolet radiation — burn will be available in 20 minutes. Scientists, however, emphasize that the radiation level is still lower than at the equator.

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