Area 51.

Area-51 — the secret military base that does not mean not on any map, and until recently it was one of the greatest secrets of the American government. The existence of the base "Area 51" was officially recognized only in the late 90's of the XX century.

Area 51 is located … in the desert of Nevada. The road leading there is always empty. For more than a hundred kilometers are not met any of the village, not even a road sign. Only near the very base there are huge billboards, warning intruders from further progress on the road: on — the exclusion zone.

… Numerous military patrols guarding the approaches to the base. The very secret facility located in the valley, most of which is surrounded by mountains. At night, the area resembles a city of the future, the sky is continually raised luminous objects. The Zone-51 is located a few hangars, the largest of which can hold "747" with the launcher. Appointment of almost all the hangars are more or less known.

… One of the buildings is a research laboratory, which is engaged in the creation and design of modern nuclear weapons. Another hangar contains the most modern aircraft, which are here testing and refinement. Secret new stealth aircraft, called the documents "B-2", a few times a week takes to the skies from the air base, where the world's longest runway — 9.5 kilometers.

… According to some employees of the Zone-51 staff, who wished to remain anonymous, on a military base is also being tested CWC. The facility is located next to the dried-up bed of Lake Groom Lake. According to Glen Campbell, who began revelatory articles about Area 51, in this place military landfilled various industrial waste, and use the database as a secret mini-site.

… Bob Lazar, who became the first of the former employees of the base, began issuing its secrets, says that at the center of a secret project … land is classified UFO laboratory that conducts research and study of UFOs. How the military and the scientists get information on the design of extraterrestrial ships is unknown. Perhaps these data are taken from the very extraterrestrial aircraft, who happened to suffer a crash on Earth.

But … there is another option. Many civilian ufologists and scientists from a variety of simple associations claim that the U.S. government and the governments of some other countries deliberately withhold information about unidentified flying objects, as not only watching their appearance, but also actively interact with extraterrestrial beings. In the late 90's someone Scott Rhine, one of the former members of Area 51, speaking on American television, said that in one of the underground hangars of the base are extraterrestrial beings.

… U.S. officials quickly responded to the statement, and began vying to claim that disclosed information is not true and Scott Rhine just insane. Soon to refute statements made by Scott Rhine and U.S. President Bill Clinton, who, recognizing the existence of the landfill in the desert of Nevada, denied the allegations of the presence in it UFO secret lab, and therefore all that it involves. To this Bob Lazar said that "unlikely American president would serve to refute the statements of some abnormal." "Of course the President's speech more evidence in favor of the Rhine words than any other evidence" — Lazar said in an interview, "The New York Times."

… According to many scientists, ufologists, in recent decades, in the skies of Nevada an unusually high frequency of the appearance of unidentified flying objects. In addition to statements by former employees of Area 51, and scientists, various certificates and ordinary Americans, who at various times was observed in the state of Nevada, and some in the secret base, various unidentified objects. Thus, in early 1994, a Oliver Mason, a resident of Rachel, located relatively close to Area 51, I saw in the sky over the secret base huge ball of light, which is slowly declining with a rather large height. Hovering a few hundred meters above the ground, it became less bright, but still clearly visible in the night sky. Suddenly, the ground rushed up the beam of light directed, apparently out of a powerful searchlight. For some time the beam illuminated the object, and then went out. Ball again lit up and slowly began to climb into the sky. After reaching a certain point, he suddenly developed a tremendous speed and disappeared into the sky.

… According to inhabitants of the small town of Austin, located in the state of Nevada, in 1997, in the clear sky there was another unusual phenomenon. Several strange objects, unnaturally bright and well differentiated in full sunlight, at high speed across the desert from the south to the north. About a year later in the same area, a few people have seen this phenomenon, but this time it happened at night. All the witnesses mentioned the unusual brightness of several small objects, which are also from the south to the north crossed the sky over the city at high speed. In late 1999, a few local residents, happened to be not far from a secret base, watched from the ground soared into the sky and a strange glowing object at high speed out of sight. The witnesses do not undertake to say that it is for the object they saw. According to them, a difference of only a bright light so the high-speed visible object.

Himself … Bob Lazar says above the Zone 51 often appear strange objects of different configurations, the approach of which are located on the base unit of unknown function consisting of a pin-meter length and strung on a small ball, started to vibrate and emit unpleasant noises.

Although … interesting information about the secret military base Area 51, which have recently become available to the public, much still hidden from our eyes. Recently it was reported that every day at the base of Los Angeles by plane delivered fifteen hundred workers who fly back in the evening. What the work is carried out at a secret facility, it is not clear …

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