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Rabies is a giant ball and ordinary lightning, UFO, vegetation and soil, apparently has undergone some kind of harmful radiation, the whole unexplored, but planned a network of underground tunnels — such Medveditskaya Ridge, which is located in Volgograd oblasti.Pokorezhennye, was broken as matches, more trees a foot in diameter, on which the gaping blackness of space burns up to five square meters — that we saw the place, "coven" of electrical elements, once on Medveditskaia ridge.

Later, in a series of expeditions, I and my companions crawled literally every inch of the soil in this mysterious place. As a result, the map of Russia there was one of the most powerful and unpredictable in their behavior anomalous zones.

We learned a lot about it, but, frankly, there's enough work for all enthusiasts of adventure and study the unknown.

Violence of Perun.

However, not only spans frequent unusual objects characterized Medveditskaya ridge. The second mystery is the fact that for many years, according to local residents, this place attracts a lot of lightning, as if he took a fancy to Zeus the Thunderer, or Slavic god of lightning and thunder Perun.

It was decided to thoroughly examine and measure all the burnt trees. Crawled up and down the ridge, the researchers counted more than three hundred and fifty burned completely or partially stems. In some cases, the multimeter was only charred tree stump up to the knee. It was so strange, that made seriously to think about what is happening here. Here is why. At first it was assumed that the trees are burned conventional "linear" zipper.

Experts decided to test this hypothesis, the benefit of storm fronts had enough. High school students (trained in a special, free schools "Stalker"), took part in the expedition, and sometimes nights awake, writing in notebooks direction flashes of atmospheric electricity. These fronts are counted more than 2200 such outbreaks. Sometimes the sky was illuminated by electric discharge more than two hundred times in an hour.

When such records are built on a chart, gasped: it turned out that the places hit streak lightning do not correspond to the area of forest burnt trees. What then burn trees? Thought, maybe so "frolic" fireballs. However it is considered that the fireballs produced in the contact normal, linear lightning with the ground. Population survey to clarify the picture: ball lightning there is also almost no one saw. It turned out that the trees turned out to be burned is not clear what and how.

This was only the first stage of work. Daily team, armed with compasses, notebooks, tape measures, went into the forest and measured the area, shape, location and direction of the burns on the trees. Many of the trees had a few burns. And again in the evening, members of the expedition were sitting on getting tables, graphs, puzzling over the next puzzle.

The fact that the analysis of the burns on the tree trunks showed that 95 percent of them are located at a height of over a meter. A significant proportion of the trees were burned up, as it were purposefully roots, and then burned through energorazryad tree along the trunk from the inside through the bottom up. It seemed that something unknown lightning struck a tree not from the air and from the ground! Immediately believe this was difficult. It is known that in a thunderstorm atmosphere is relaxed and is characterized by the wind. When wind branches and tree tops inevitably grow.

Consequently, the probability that a linear or a fireball just fall from the atmosphere in the center of the small swinging branches or tree nodes is very small. It is clear that the expected pass-through burn-through tree trunk down is not necessary. Had to assume that the energy charge of the plasmoid (a fireball is often compared to a plasma state of matter) comes up out of the ground by the tree root (rhizome), and then extends up the trunk. Only in this case, low location burns the ground is completely understandable.

Underground UFO base?

unanswered question: why are these plasmoids (or energorazryady) chosen Medveditskaia ridge? According to the legends and stories of eyewitnesses, who managed to collect members' Kosmopoisk ", it turned out that at a depth of 8-30 meters in this area are unknown and when built giant tunnels 7-20 meters in diameter, stretched, perhaps for miles. Think about it, their diameter is larger than that of the tunnels in the subway!

Before the war, some brave souls were on them for miles. Early in the war the entrances to the tunnels were blown up by sappers. Approximate their scheme, based on the data of dowsing survey showed that the yield of the giant maze, blown up by sappers, also lie on Medveditskaia ridge. If this is indeed the case, then burned trees can be blown up just above the tunnel egress. Naturally, we wanted to test this hypothesis.

However, to prove the hypothesis arose, it was necessary to determine the coordinates of all detected previously burned trees and put them on the map.

If the hypothesis is confirmed, it will mean that some energorazryady that look like a fireball are almost reasonable and do not depend on line of lightning. The collection of these data took almost a month, and for this it was necessary to carefully comb through in 30-degree heat, nearly 130 thousand square meters of forest steppe thorns, sharp twigs and coarse grass. However, in any expedition data collection is only half the story.

For software development and computer processing of burnt trees took coordinate member "Kosmopoisk" Dmitry Kurkov. The processing of these data were able to identify the places where most of the costs of burnt trees. It turned out that in the study area, on average, for every ten square meters of surface energorazryadami was struck from 2 to 5 trees. Such a density of "fire" would envy even the famous rocket launchers "Katyusha"!

When the monitor has highlighted the different colors of the damaged tree trunks, could, with appropriate scale, to reveal the whole chains of burns in a nearly straight lines and intersecting lines. Determination of the compass directions of these lines gave unexpected results. In all three forests, maps were drawn up, is most of the burned trees.

But is not random, but in certain areas: 314-324, 244-254, 270-276 degrees azimuth. The importance of this technical indicator are: charred trees as it indicates the direction of the tunnels, because they were almost identical with these directions! So far it is clear that deep (8-30 meters) below the surface are the mysterious straight voids that are underground batteries or storage energorazryadov sources. In this case, the trees in the forests on these tunnels are its root system to hold the external wall cavities.

At some point there energoproboy wall tunnel energorazryad goes up to the surface, the root system of the tree, which, because of its high moisture content is a good natural conductor. As mentioned above, that, according to archival material and interviews with citizens, the age of the tunnels can reach many hundreds of years.

About them there is a wealth of local folklore, where the tunnels are declared and UFO bases, and the underground city of Volga robbers hiding the stolen treasures, and abandoned warehouse antediluvian race of man-serpent, which was allegedly seen in the tunnel penetrated local enthusiasts. Clearly, interesting research, observation of various anomalies and UFO Medveditskaia ridge not enough for one year. I will say that when "Kosmopoisk" in the building of children's aerospace capital of the club "Soyuz" working studio that invites young researchers, including high school students to prepare for work in the anomalous zones. And the opening will not keep waiting!

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