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In Argentina will soon see a special commission, whose task will be to collect and analyze information about unidentified flying objects in the air space of the country. According to the army, the Commission is already in the making.

Incredible contact with extraterrestrial intelligence

Earlier, the Argentine Air Force has been collecting information about UFOs, but now the work will involve meteorologists, air traffic controllers and civilian pilots. Authorities urged drivers of military and civil aircraft to report all encounters with unidentified flying objects and send the Commission any available documentary evidence of contacts.

However, according to Argentinean ufologists, UFOs are often "illuminates" not only in the air, but also directly on the ground and even under it!

Recent evidence of the above are the events in December 2010 in the province of Salta, where just four people witnessed the incredible contact with extraterrestrial intelligence.

In the first case, a trucker Juan Ignacio and his partner stopped at about 23 o'clock dinner on a deserted highway Provincial Route 14, about ten miles east of the village of El Durazno.

Only drivers spread out on the hood of artless food and started the meal, I noticed that one of calden (traditional South American tree steppes — Pampas) suddenly brightly lit.

Attracted by the unusual spectacle, the men decided to get closer to a tree a few yards and saw that the light goes "from below", from the roots of the tree, and slowly, as the beam goes to heaven!

. A few minutes later another calden lit a hundred meters from the first. At the same time the drivers heard a very loud, high-pitched hum that affect them the most unpleasant way. They felt inexpressible words terror, fear, helplessness and inability to move his arms and legs, and as a sheep to the slaughter, prepared to die without a fight! From whom — they did not care!

Meanwhile, the night sky lit up with something bright. Two beams of light escaping from under the ground, rushed to this thing and merged with it to form a large volume triangle! After that, the light beams "separated" from the ground, "suck" in the triangle, "he flared brighter and … disappeared in the sky.

The phenomenon lasted for just 40 seconds, which nevertheless seemed truckers eternity. After this killer drone stopped, and the men, appalled by what he saw, were finally able to move.

After just half an hour a similar phenomenon was observed in the same area, but only a few kilometers from the Provincial Route 14, two hunters, one of whom, Eduardo told ufologists, literally stumbled upon a strange light, vomited out of the land.

The man claimed that the glowing pillar, stretching into the sky, was about 20 meters in diameter, although he no clear boundaries. Eduardo, who had heard about the antics of aliens, did not dare enter the lighted area. He had not heard strange sounds and saw a triangle in the sky.

After neskolkoh second pillar of light vanished as suddenly as it appeared, and all again plunged into darkness. The next day the hunters returned to the anomalous position, and carefully examined it, but found no trace of anything unusual.

Aliens drank 60,000 liters of water

In January 2011, the other Argentine provinces — Entre Rios — UFO was recorded at least a mysterious case involving UFOs. Here, the water mysteriously disappeared from a large container, which Argentina calls tanques australianos (Australian tanks).

The incident occurred in the arid countryside La Vidriera. Before going to sleep farmer Augusto Pereyras, making sure that the tank with a capacity of 16,000 gallons (60,000 liters), filled to capacity, turn off the spigot and went to sleep.

At night he was awakened by a bright light that will hit the window. Taking his gun and went out into the yard, he saw hovering over the farm and the flashing colored lights "plate" in diameter around fifty meters.

Augusto raised his rifle to his shoulder, took aim, and then he heard in his head, "metal" a woman's voice: "Do not shoot. Come home. It's okay, we will not cause you any harm. "

Farmer dutifully, as if hypnotized, obeyed the order and went to sleep. And in the morning, deciding to water animals, was surprised to find that the water in the tank is out! Now all 60,000 liters!

But where and how? The crane was twisted and fix cracks in the tank missing, for that matter, and the puddle on the bone-dry marsh land.

Farmer figured he slept after the order aliens to five hours, and to completely empty "tank" through the hole in the valve requires at least 10 hours. It turns out that all of the water "sucked" UFO?

Ufologists involved in this case, said that such incidents in the arid areas of Argentina is not uncommon. More than once recorded cases when after UFO hundreds and thousands of cubes precious moisture disappeared without a trace from the tanks and basins. Apparently, space aliens water in such large volumes needed for the "recharge" the mechanisms of their aircraft.

And by the way, not just water. A year ago in the city of Salta, located at the foot of the Andes mountain range, at 2 am in the overcast sky, hundreds of witnesses was seen walking "huge boat studded with flashing lights and a fixed beacon," slowly and completely silent sailing south to the city of El-Thun.

At length the object was at least 300 meters. A few minutes after it appeared the city was plunged into total darkness, phones stopped working, and even the water in the taps dried up.

Man-made chaos lasted 9 hours. In the reasons for his company versed Edes, which manages the distribution of electricity in Argentina. However, to some definite conclusions engineers did not come only officially recorded that the central city's power generators were all burned.

Giant UFO visited El Tuna, where a few hours later also observed a "huge studded boat." Here, fortunately, there were no technical glitches.

Languages were removed by superostryh items

In addition to the theft of water and electricity, the aliens in Argentina, as evidenced by the numerous witnesses who regularly attack people, and perform surgical experiments on animals.

In particular, Raul Dorado was recently hospitalized after a strange incident that happened to him. Policeman Marcelo Alarcón told on that occasion.

The victim was driving his car in the city, Jacinto Arauz (province of La Pampa), when he heard a loud sound, which attracted his attention. Raul stopped, got out of the car and immediately noticed the "green circle with three legs', quickly flying toward him.

The next moment, an unknown force pushed him in the chest and he fell to the pavement. But did not lose consciousness, and clearly saw a strange object over which hung over him for a while, flew to the east.

After this Dorado for an hour I could not move, and then got up with difficulty, came to my car and went further.

In Jacinto Arauz, he turned for help to the hospital, where he was examined by Dr. Ana Maria Latsaris. Doctors noted Raul partial loss of speech, and a small puncture the ring finger on his left hand something like a thick nail.

Over time, it gradually recovered Raoul, but his hand is a long and very ill. When he was attacked by a UFO, a man was carrying a shotgun, binoculars and a cell phone, but after the incident, they were gone. Cellular company on this occasion said that the phone is out of range.

A little later, in June 2010, near the town of Colonia Belgrano from aliens have been affected pets. Irreparable damage has been done in this area known herdsman "Chito" Sirtori who found dead in a pasture two cows that have no tongues!

Remembering that all the previous night at his farm circling UFOs, he immediately knew whose hands the case. The more of a similar case, it just two days before the attack on the cows told neighboring farmer.

Patricio Norman veterinarian who examined the bodies of animals, said the following detail: "It is surprising how the animals were removed languages. The cuts were made superostrym object similar to a surgical instrument. "

Meanwhile, in late January 2011, the local hackers broke into the website of the Ministry of Defense of Argentina. Angry that in the press shows only the news of the UFO, which the country's authorities can not hide, the burglars left the military post on the website, which accused them that they hide from the public fall of flying saucers in the country. According to them, one of these cases occurred not long ago in the western province of Mendoza. Allegedly crash saw hundreds of local residents, but they were forced to be silent …

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