Arinich defendant went abroad for treatment?

The former head of "Pinskdrev" Laurent Arinich, accused in the explosion, which occurred at the company and brought the 14 victims traveled outside of Belarus.

According to one former subordinates Arinich, he left for treatment in the Baltic. During a recent conversation with him sounded that measures to restrict the movement of the part of the prosecutor's office he was not made.

Relatives of the former director of "Pinskdrev" Laurent Arinich refused to comment on possible escape Laurent Arinich. The wife of the former director reported Radio Liberty:

"Excuse me, but that's his problem. I think he knows and understands making. I think that everyone will get their own. I'm sorry, but I do not I have the right to to comment. When my husband is home, and he will answer your questions. When he's at home? When will then respond. "

During shareholders native Laurent Arinich appealed to shareholders to support the honorary citizen of Pinsk, the former director of the holding company. But none of the shareholders did not agree.

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