As Russia surprised the world

  • (Photo by Sergei Ptichkin / WG)
  • (Photo by Sergei Ptichkin / WG)

In Abu Dhabi ended11th International Salon of weapons and military equipment IDEX-2013. He confirmed: our weapons are still in the price. But the true cost of his first demonstrated here in Abu Dhabi in February 1993.

That year, entered the national history as a rather vague. Public attention was focused on the domestic political crisis, so much of what was happening outside the country unnoticed. Meanwhile, twenty years ago had been two interesting developments directly related to military technology and military forces.

The United States suffered a humiliating defeat by barefoot soldiers rebel General Aidid in Somalia, which have lost their helicopter gunships, "Black Hawk Down", a few pilots and a large number of riot police. And Russia showed the world the beauty and power of their weapons. It happened in the United Arab Emirates.

About the fall of the "Black Hawk Down," there is little we then heard. And about the triumph of Russian arms in UAE deserts and do not know yet. Meanwhile, in the winter and ninety-three was carried out, without exaggeration, a brilliant military operation, which the organizers, alas, decorations and medals are not mentioned.

The Russian Federation has just become an independent state, there was reorganization of all power structures, including arms trading. And then it became known that in the middle of February 1993 in the UAE capital city of Abu Dhabi will be the first international exhibition of arms and military equipment. It was proposed to take a moment and show to all potential foreign customers Russian weapons in combat use. Today it is difficult to say who this idea came to mind, since then there have been several structures involved spetseksportom, main of them were "Oboroneksport" and "Spetsvneshtekhnika." But a victory over a venture provided the late Defense Minister Pavel Grachev.

It should be noted that the weapon shops conducted up to that time were different stiffness and aristocracy. Going to the world's leading producers and consumers of arms, examined exhibited on the catwalk technique were unhurried conversation, drinking coffee and cognac, and then decide who is who and for what sum will buy military items. About any extreme driving tanks and armored vehicles, especially about any shooting even thought did not occur. Russia broke all the stereotypes!

Our diplomats, including the military, were able to convince the organizers of the first IDEX and the authorities in the Emirates that their exhibition should fundamentally different from any analogues in the world — then the success it will be provided. And the main difference should be that for the first time all participants will show the combat use of the exposed samples, that is, the display of running opportunities wheeled and tracked vehicles, as well as live firing of all weapons.

The political decision to roll out the latest models of Russian weapons in the Emirates has taken in late 1992 and early next year, there was an active hands-on work. It seems unbelievable. Now sometimes to export some parts require months of approvals and collecting dozens of papers with important signatures. And then exported fifty units of large military equipment, large quantities of small arms and ammunition. And all the formalities have decided for one and a half months.

The Minister of Defence has appointed responsible for the preparation of the show and its holding commander of the missile troops and artillery of the Russian Armed Forces Colonel-General Nikolai Dimidyuk.

Recalls today Nikolai Mikhailovich, when he came to the Emirates and was provided by the local military training ground, then was confused. The landfill site represented the five by five kilometers. And supposed to shoot rockets and heavy tactical air defense systems at a distance of tens of kilometers. And the Russian general took full expansion and renovation of the landfill UAE Armed Forces. He was assisted in this English-Colonel tanker named Bruce.

They set before the opening of the exhibition. The landfill expanded, built a platform in a thousand places, built all kinds of slides and trampolines for wheeled and tracked vehicles. Of Russia on two ships, "Falcon-5" and "Falcon-6" and the seven planes "Ruslan" delivered 45 models of equipment and the necessary ammunition.

At 12:00 February 17, 1993 was made the first salvo of "Tochka-U" to a range of 45 km. The rocket, according to the name, hit the mark. There were made 11 starts, and all right on target.

First foreign viewers saw a hurricane fire multiple rocket launchers "Smerch" at a distance of 28 km. 60 rockets were fired.

Self-propelled gun "MSTA" had shot 400 rounds at different distances. Of these, forty shots were made guided missile "Krasnopol." Thirty-nine shells hit the turret of the tank at a distance of 20 km. Only one has failed. No country in the world if these shells were not. Shot from a variety of anti-tank guided missiles, of all types of small arms. On the carrier showing a turbine T-80 completely bypassed American "Abrams".

After each successful shot and after each dynamic display of ground vehicles restrained Arab sheiks and other guests access is not constrained emotions and arranged a standing ovation. The head of the Russian delegation, Pavel Grachev, who was also in the stands stood up and bowed gratefully.

Everyone waited for the firing of air defense systems "Thor" and the C-300PMU1 for the first time taken abroad. During the shooting, "Thor" right answer, Colonel-General Dimidyuk since the complex was part of the Air Defense Ground Forces. They fired a rocket from the "Katyusha", which are specifically brought to the Emirates. Everyone is very excited. On the eve of the show had a general training run, and … We all have the impression that missed. Local newspapers immediately trumpeted: "Thor" is no good. However, the next day to come Dimidyuk photographer of one of the Syrian media, which managed to photograph the target lesion. It turned out, the missile from the "Torah" caught up "Katyusha" on the edge of defeat and was hit by seven meters away from the ground. This picture is then bypassed many of the world's media.

Already during the official launch on February 17 there was a real diversion. Target missiles started up, "Thor" readied for firing, and at this point the Canadian military, too, were present at the site, including his electronic countermeasures system. Screens Russian SAMs were hammered interference. Rebuild their was no time.

Recalls Dimidyuk, he ju
mped on the armor of BMP-3 and pulled the car to the Canadian REB, which was a couple of hundred meters. Approaching her, the Russian general hammer banged around the cabin and shouted that if they do not switch off the noise, he personally shot machine gun of the BMP. View from General was a decidedly evil that Canadians instantly cut down its electronic warfare, and "Thor" managed to knock down the target.

Very interesting was the story with delivery and shooting S-300PMU1. Directly involved in the events Gennady Slipchenko, then an officer of one of the leading departments of defense.
In his memoirs, were selected for shooting the best settlements. Fourth-fifth day of February the five flights of An-124 two divisions of S-300PMU1 were delivered to the Air Force base in Abu Dhabi. Also delivered two sets of launch target of "Flight".

February 17 at 16.03 two "Flight" have taken a range of a few tens of kilometers. They were flying at an altitude of 100-150 meters. At the distance of 50 km from the calculations took 300PMU1 target for support. We worked with two anti-aircraft missiles on each target. The first hit at a range of 28 km, let a close second, and struck at a range of 18 km. The effect was tremendous. And it can be imagined. The huge rocket soared straight up and almost disappeared from sight and then quickly rushed to the ground and literally hammered into the sand is quite large and high-speed "Low," which went to low-level flight.

No less impressive was the fact that after the defeat of the second target, a huge S-300PMU1 folded in three minutes and quickly went to the firing position. The demonstration of Russian military power in February 1993 showed that the claimed features of our machines and our arms fully correspond with reality. And the Russian army preserved by the Soviet army.

And in terms of arms exports, according to Nicholas Dimidyuk, which has long been director of special commissions of "Rosoboronexport" and led a delegation of this company in the IDEX-2013, it was twenty years ago, there was a break in the new Russian arms markets. Immediately after the show in Abu Dhabi, Kuwait has purchased multiple rocket launchers "Smerch.

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