As the allies were going to attack us

July 1, 1945 was to start World War III: The U.S. and Britain have developed a plan of attack on the Soviet Union, which cynically named "Operation Unthinkable."

  Indeed, who would have thought that the partners of the USSR in the war against Hitler, in fact, even before the end of the war against Nazi Germany, made up a plan for sudden aggression against our country? And fall upon us in those years, they were going more than once.

The Soviet government announced the demobilization of the army June 23, 1945. Germany was defeated, what was to continue to hold millions of soldiers under arms? It was necessary to urgently restore the destroyed cities and the national economy, the country needed manpower. However, on July 1, 47 British and American divisions without any declaration of war had to deal a devastating blow to our troops in Europe. At the same time four air armies of heavy bombers — the huge "flying fortresses" — is preparing to unleash its deadly cargo and turn to dust the largest cities of the USSR, as they have done with Dresden. Beat the Anglo-Americans had to hold 10-12 German divisions, which are "allies" nerasformirovannymi held in Schleswig-Holstein and Southern Denmark, where the war against the Soviet Union were preparing their British instructors.

The plans, as already established by historians, were the following: to occupy the areas inside Russia, deprived of which the country will lose its material possibilities of warfare and further resistance.


And also "put a decisive defeat on the Russian armed forces, which would deprive the Soviet Union the opportunity to continue the war."

"Operation Unthinkable" — just two plans, offensive and defensive in case of military conflict — has been developed on the instructions of Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The work began when Nazi Germany still has not been defeated, and was conducted by the Joint Planning Staff of the Military Cabinet of Great Britain in the deepest secrecy. The ultimate goal was the complete defeat and surrender of the Soviet Union. Supposed to end the war in the same place where Hitler planned to finish her plan "Barbarossa": at the turn of the Arkhangelsk-Stalingrad. Documents related to these plans are stored in the National Archives of the United Kingdom and the full declassification is still not final.

Churchill has ordered the store captured German weapons with a view to its possible use against the Soviet Union, by posting, as already mentioned, surrendered captive soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht in the state of Schleswig-Holstein and Southern Denmark.

Preparing and massive propaganda support of aggression under the beautiful humanitarian slogans against "totalitarian regime" and the "liberation of the peoples of the USSR from the yoke of dictatorship." That is almost the same thing that many years later did the "democratic state", when Belgrade was bombed, looted Iraq invaded Libya and fought a war in Afghanistan, and now preparing for operations against Syria and Iran.

However, the day before the planned start of the war the Soviet army suddenly changed their dislocation. It was a kettlebell, tipped the scales of history: the order of the invasion was not given.



In addition, as noted by historians, a crucial role in the change of plans "allies" of the treacherous attack played a successful assault on Berlin by the Soviet troops. And Western military experts have convinced politicians that the war against such an enemy will be very difficult.


This, incidentally, deals a devastating blow to the fabrications of the liberal "experts" who claim that the assault if he was "not necessary", surrounded on all sides by Berlin, "he would have surrendered."

And the threat of a surprise attack was very real. The naval forces of the United Kingdom and the United States, for example, then had the absolute superiority of the Soviet Navy: on destroyers in 19 times, battleships and large cruisers — 9 times, on submarines — 2 times. They had more than a hundred different classes of aircraft carriers, while our country — not a single aircraft carrier. Soviet ground forces were exhausted by the war, worn out equipment, and the Americans are ready to atomic bomb, which they soon dropped on the Japanese cities. There was another important reason why the treacherous attack on the Soviet Union was postponed. United States it was necessary that the Soviet Union crushed the Kwantung Army in the Far East, by the Japanese defeat, they were not under force.


From 1945 to the early 1960s, the U.S. developed a total of about 10 plans to attack the Soviet Union.


For example, according to the plan "Double Stars" provided to relieve the city of the USSR 120 atomic bombs, after which, as expected aggressor, the Soviet Union will go to the surrender and occupation forces in 5-8 years will have to install a new government. According to the plan, "Dropshot", is scheduled to drop atomic bombs on 300 200 cities in the USSR during the month. And if the Soviet Union did not give up, lose 250,000 tons of conventional bombs, which would lead to the destruction of 85 percent of Soviet industry. Simultaneously with the bombing had to take the starting positions for the offensive ground forces in the amount of 164 divisions of NATO, of which 69 were American divisions.

After the occupation of the territory of our country's first planned to split into zones of occupation, and then break up into more than 20 countries, including "Russian North", the Volga Tatars, the Finno-Ugric education "Idel-Ural" republic "Cossack" and so on . Far East was to get under the protectorate of the United States. On the plan of "Dropshot" Much has been written, but a lot of stories has become a forgotten …

On another attempt to attack the USSR and the real terms of the Americans on this score — which today is not so often remembered — told me recently in St. Petersburg Mikhail Berezkin. World War II veteran, he was known more by the name of the cover — Maj. Gen. quickly. For many years he was preparing foreign agents who fought, worked as a scout-illegal immigrant. Berezkin believes that in 1956 it was he who prevented World War III.


Mikhail — he for 90 years — sometimes puts on a grand general's tunic with a full set of orders.
Among them — four of the Order of the Red Star. But to talk about his exploits general does not like — the effect of ingrained habit of secrecy and intelligence to his natural modesty.


And tell him there is nothing. In his exploration took immediately after the artillery school, he went through the war, came into direct contact with Marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky, and then fought in the "invisible front" for many years. But the main thing in his biography scout Berezkin considers two operations "political level" of which he told me during our meeting.

When, in 1956, began a revolt in Hungary, under the name of Berezkin Bystrov served in Germany as an assistant commandant of Leipzig. But it was a cover-up, in fact, he led razvedpunkt number 4 of the Main Intelligence Directorate and conducted reconnaissance against U.S. troops in the western zone of Germany, and the commandant of Leipzig was his command.

— We knew then — says Berezkin — that the Americans are going to intervene in the Hungarian events and preparing to strike against our troops. It had to do stationed in Germany, the U.S. Army Field seventh in the 5 and 7 cases, armor and aviation. Total — about 100,000 soldiers and officers. But where did they hit? From the district of Eisenach in the north, or south — with hofskogo direction?

Here is my Commander Group of Soviet Forces in Germany, Andrei Grechko, and says:

— Americans are preparing to strike, and if you figure out where they are going to put it, you'll do a great job. And do not — will become a lieutenant colonel! I'll give you a few days …

And I just recently awarded the Colonel. But for the title I'm not worried, the principle that if Americans hit to start a major war. And so began for me hot days. On our illegal immigrants in the U.S. zone of hope was weak. Transmitters they were not available (it is only in the movies show that overall we radio operators), the resident of Munich sat while report — will be too late! And because the main hope pinned on agents' marshrutnikov. " So we called those who were sent on a mission to the rear of the enemy for a short time. Finished and — back! Then I sent 25 people. They worked day and night. And found that the Americans were preparing to strike from the area of Eisenach. This is what I personally by HF Grechko reported. Then call me Ivan Jakubowski, the commander of our tank army, and asks:

— Where to go? Where Americans hit?

I said, "Of Eisenach!"

A hot Jakubowski, was resolute commander. If the Americans moved their troops, he would have punched him! That's for sure — the great war! The tension was terrible …


But soon our Foreign Ministry issued a statement exposed the plans of the Americans, and they abandoned the strike, they understood that we will meet them with dignity.


I think that if my actions prevented a possible conflict, and probably a third world war.

Then he calls me Jakubowski. Says: "I want to see what kind of man you! After such a big deal done! "And when I saw him, I strongly disappointed," So you're just a normal guy! ". And I was really young then, and the growth did not come out. A Jakubowski was a huge, under two feet tall!

Then I was personally congratulated Grechko. "Comrade Berezkin says — you have done great work and deserve an award!" … And gave me a shotgun, "Sauer".

A lot of time we had different things, still remember Mikhail. Americans stole the newest machine, mask latest model. But it's all so — little things of intelligence. But once assembled Grechko meeting scouts and says:

— Well, how do you work? You must produce the documents! Get me the documents about the U.S. military!

We began to think how to do it. In the Stuttgart area in the town of Vaihingen lodged headquarters of the 7th U.S. Army Field. They began to look for him approach. And found it! Through our agent, a German named Clem. He said that Americans periodically send large batches of documents for destruction. We decided to replace them. In a way, when the documents were driven to destruction, replacing them with scrap paper. This waste paper and then drove to burn, and the present document is sent to our headquarters.

So we are tons of valuable American documents stolen. Tons! There were not only the data to the troops, but also drawings of the new secret weapon, and a lot more then …


The operation took a lot of money — to bribe the right people, a car purchase, and for other purposes, but they were given to me. Personally Grechko made. I think that this was the largest operation to steal secret documents in the history of exploration. In order not to fall, we are overloaded bags of documents themselves, then I had to work as a loader …

— So what, Mikhail, in the life of the main? And what's in intelligence?

— Patriotism! — Without a moment's hesitation, replied the scout. — I am so educated parents. When I was awarded one of the orders in the Kremlin, then I'm there and said, "We are — patriots of the country». All my life I spent in exploration — 70 years! Anything else I did not have. Patriotism and intelligence — that's the main thing for me …

Vladimir Malyshev

Especially for the Century

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