As Yaroslavl marketers have created in the barn business with a turnover of one billion rubles

Former marketers factory "Autodiesel" believed in the idea, which rejected the employers, and established manufacturing company with a turnover of 1.2 billion rubles

Business Andrei Medvedev — general director of "industrial machinery" (PSM) — began almost from the bluff. By June 1, 2005 he had five orders for revision of diesel generators and a single employee. All applications received through the site, which was launched a month before the establishment of the company. The businessman took 100% prepayment and the money together with a partner organized the production: find space, bought parts, hired workers. As a result, orders have been fulfilled.

Now the company Medvedev annually produces about 2000 generator, power and pumping systems. In 2011, the Russian nuclear power plant was installed 110 water pumps spare production PSM. According to Medvedev, his company — the largest Russian manufacturer of diesel generators, covering 8% of the market (75% is imported). Its revenue in 2012 amounted to 1.6 billion rubles. Andrei Medvedev boasted: profitability assembly generators — 20%, pumps — one and a half times higher.

As a former deputy head of the marketing department of Yaroslavl plant "Autodiesel" had the idea to start a business? "Once I realized that our business plans, no one reads," — said Medvedev. Plant, a subsidiary of GAZ Group, among other things, making the diesel generators on the basis of its engines, but sales did not grow. The error was that the generators were trying to sell through dealers engaged in spare parts, to the same customers often requested equipment adapted to their needs — for example, protected from the cold, or mounted on a trailer. On the "Avtodizel" is collected standard model and work on individual orders are not wanted.

Andrei Medvedev and his colleague and future partner Alexander Salnikov devised a way as not to lose customers. For customers who have ordered from dealers standard generators, they found mediators capable to finalize the installation. Got all profitable scheme: Plant sold his generators, marketers get a percentage of the cost of improvements. Making sure that the service is in demand in 2005, Medvedev and Sal'nikov resigned and founded the Company "industrial machinery".

The company initially located in a cowshed on the outskirts of Yaroslavl.

The first workers were 12 residents of a neighboring village. Key managers entrepreneurs lured from the factory: the chief engineer has taken the ex-head of powertrain "Avtodizelya" sales director — deputy chief of department on work with dealers. All presentation materials, including illustrations and 3D-model plants for the site PSM did a former employee of the advertising department "Avtodizelya."

In the first year of the PSM sold 165 diesel plants. In addition to the completion of the plant production of Yaroslavl, Medvedev to assemble their own models of generators of components from different manufacturers, as well as power plants — for example, for press-fitting and cementing units that use oil. "Autodiesel" was the main supplier of engines and accidentally pushed the company to work
with foreigners.

In 2006, the Chinese dealer "Avtodizelya" offered to buy out his PSM party Yaroslavl engines. These engines delivered to China with a long delay, and a load of ass at the moment. Medvedev agreed and went to the warehouse in Heihe. Cunning Chinese offered him at the same time to visit the factory, which produces alternators — on the basis of such mechanisms can make diesel generators. From a trip CEO PSM returned with several containers "sinhronnikov."

Chinese delivery Medvedev helped out on production 400 units per year,

but all the same a year later he refused them — for synchronous generators was weak chip that had to be changed.

Immediately turned up an alternative. Medvedev came to the representatives of the Swedish company Volvo Penta. The Swedes wanted to deliver to Russia its engines, but in large factories were told that they have enough local suppliers. On the basis of diesel Volvo PSM began to produce a variety of units: the main and emergency power supply capacity from 60 kW to 1 MW of power drive systems for drilling, pumping stations for irrigation, fire fighting, construction.

Ironically, in trade dieselaggregates also a seasonal factor: competition for the supply of generators private companies and state agencies conducted at the end of the calendar year, and pumps (the main customers — farmers) are purchased by the spring, closer to the planting season. In 2007, Medvedev noted that Orlowski "Livgidromash" makes pumping stations, water attaching the device to the production of diesel drives PSM. He decided that "this business is not that complicated." When the company began selling the pumps, it turned out, the opposite is true — configuration options of this technique many times more than the generators.

To have all the cards in negotiations with customers to develop PSM 300 possible modifications of pumping systems. Now these units offer Medvedev 15% of revenue (65% comes from generators, 10% — in the power plants, the rest — for parts). For example, the agricultural holding "Prodimeks" for two years acquired the PSM 13 pumps in the amount of 22 million rubles to irrigate their lands in the Voronezh region. In the purchasing department "Prodimex" say that the company Medvedev optimal prices for such installation.

Now the company "industrial machinery" has more than 300 people. In the land where there was an abandoned barn, the company built a few shops with total area of 9000 square meters. m and wants to hire another 5,000 square meters. m in a newly built industrial park near Yaroslavl.

"PSM — our largest partner in Russia in the industrial segment," — said the head of the Russian representation of Volvo Penta Vsevolod Gavrilov. About 30% of its facilities PSM sets of foreign engines — Swedish, English, German, Korean, American. According to Andrei Medvedev, to produce aggregates for different purposes benefit: you can buy engines at once for all. But in order to carry out orders for a couple of months of the former Soviet factories faster, he is forced to keep a large stock of spare parts — at a cost of about 300 million rubles.
In one installation components can be used from 50 suppliers.

Thanks to large orders of the company's turnover in 2011 increased by almost half, from 700 million to 1.2 billion rubles, about 40% of the proceeds secured orders RosEnergoAtom, "Stroygazkonsaltinga" IDGC of services and utilities in several regions, opting to purchase generators to remote villages. "We have supplied the daughters of" Gazprom "," Lukoil "and" Transneft ", but often through intermediaries," — said Medvedev. For example, all pumping equipment "Transneft" purchases through the operator, which won the tender corresponding item. Medvedev is trying to organize the work with large customers directly, but it's not very successful. He laments that and lots of operators' hard to leave. " Typically, in a bid for a tender its products falls when the PSM communicate with employees purchasing departments, interested in the prices and features of the equipment.

Along with the production models of the company is still collecting plants for a particular client. "But
we have started to suffer from it — said Medvedev. — When you make almost 2,000 units, too difficult to take into account the wishes of everyone. " Would not his company like a huge hulking plant, from which he retired? Andrei Medvedev seeks to avoid this. He hopes that the division of experimental and serial production, scheduled for this year, will help him to avoid the mistakes of the former employer.

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