Attorney General's office — a speculation on the terrorist attack

The site published by the prosecutor's office the following statement:

"In some media, including electronic media, there were irresponsible publication of defamatory, various fabrications discrediting the Belarusian state and society. Bodies investigation immediately began immediate investigative and search activities to identify those responsible for this crime. Progress investigation of the public will be kept informed.

Law enforcement agencies will be grateful for any help citizens in solving the crime.

The General Prosecutor's Office warns all those who use the tragic events in speculative purposes, the inadmissibility of such actions and possible legal liability in strict accordance with the law. "

Statements about the attack really made the most different. For example, yesterday in the "Belarusian time" on channel "Lad" BTRC Chairman Gennady Davydko reported that the transfer of an anonymous phone call that said, "Yeah, and it is necessary for you. We will continue so we do. Even more so because the authorities are not the people who are not! "

"I do not understand all this December 19 — continued Davydko — not everyone understood when abroad demanded sanctions, not everyone understood at the time of the organization of the currency and sugar panic that our country declared war. This has now become clear. We have declared war! "

It is not known, the prosecutor's office considers the statement of Mr. Davydko as one of the models' use of the tragic events in speculative purposes. "

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