August 18, 2013 will come to Earth by aliens, Reptilians

With a sensational statement was made at one of the annual meetings of experts in the United States in the field of UFOs, alien abduction survivors of people, former military personnel and astronauts have been in contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, psychic and contactee Richard Atkins.

He made a strong statement that kept all participants. Contactee said that there is a 90% chance of an alien invasion in the next year. Here's what he said: "August 18, 2013 to begin an alien invasion. The government is controlled by reptilian entities (aliens) have for many years. And now the truth will be revealed. Will be rivers of blood and unprecedented natural disasters. End of the world will come to many, and the survivors will be enslaved by alien beings. Our existence is of interest for aliens to use people as slaves. Because launching unmanned spacecraft into their territory and the result of scientific experiments will on 18 August 2013. On this day, Reptilians arrive on our planet. "

Thousands of people gather lectures David Ike, a former BBC, the British journalist and the author of many acclaimed books. It also provides information about the interaction of people with aliens and that this is a long time. In particular, David Icke, became the hero of the show — the program of the former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura "Conspiracy Theory."

In this program, David Icke gives the contact information of people and aliens in ancient times, as well as on the alleged recorded numerous reports of reincarnation Reptilians in people.
Last year at the site of the White House there were two petitions to the President of the United States to officially recognize the existence of an extraterrestrial presence on the planet, and to disclose information about it. They said: "We, the undersigned, strongly urge the President of the United States to officially recognize the existence of an extraterrestrial presence and the public to immediately disclose all files from all agencies and military services related to this phenomenon."

"Hundreds of military and government workers to testify confirming this extraterrestrial presence. Polls show, now more than 50% of the American people recognize the extraterrestrial presence and more than 80% believe that the government is not telling the truth about this phenomenon. People have right to know. People can handle the truth. "

The White House gave them this answer: "The U.S. government has no evidence of the existence, wherever that may be, but our planet, life, or that alien life forms came into contact with anyone of the people," — said Online Phil Larson of the White House on science and technology policy. "In addition, there is no evidence that any evidence hidden from the public."

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