Azerbaijan will continue showers

Azerbaijan will continue showers

Forecasters warned the citizens of Azerbaijan to continue the heavy rains, which can trigger mudslides and flooding.

According, according to the Bureau of hydrometeorological forecasting Hydrometeorology Department of Ecology and Natural Resources, in the next two days on the territory of Azerbaijan remain unstable weather conditions.

According to forecasters, unstable weather conditions are associated with the cyclone, extending from the Mediterranean Sea through Azerbaijan.

Note that for two days in all regions of the country are predicted rain.

June 25 in the eastern regions will intense rainfall. As a result, most of the rivers of the Greater Caucasus and in the rivers of the region Balaken-Sheki, Oguz-Gabala, Guba-Khachmaz expected mudslides and flooding.

According to forecasters, starting from June 25, in the territory of Azerbaijan in the daytime precipitation will fall more moderately. June 26 precipitation is expected.

Metin Ali

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