Azubalis: Ostrovetskaya plant — a provocation

Today, participants in the round table on Ostrovetskaya nuclear power plant in Lithuania Seimas adopted an appeal to the head of Russia and the IAEA to pay attention to the threat of the Belarusian nuclear power plant.

The appeal states that "funding the construction of nuclear power plant in Belarus now, Russia supports the illegitimate authoritarian regime in Belarus." Meanwhile, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Azubalis Belarus said the decision to build a nuclear power plant for 53 kilometers from Vilnius provocation.

Azubalis said this in response to a question, got an answer on whether Lithuania Lithuania's diplomatic note to the Ministry of Belarus and Russia on the assessment of the environmental impact Ostrovetskaya and Kaliningrad nuclear power plant.

"Atom has no limits"

In the Diet today to discuss the situation regarding nuclear Ostrovetskaya gathered parliamentarians, Lithuanian authorities, politicians and social activists from Lithuania and Belarus.
"For the construction of such facilities requires a special control, and there is no guarantee that Belarus could provide such control," — said the Lithuanian parliament Petras Luomanas, member of the parliamentary group "For a Democratic Belarus", which was one of the organizers of the round table on the Belarusian nuclear power plant in the Diet.
As a result, an appeal was made to the detailed list of possible dangerous consequences signed on March 15 the Russian-Belarusian agreement on the construction of the Belarusian nuclear power plant.
Petras Luomanas among other things said:
"Such resolutions, appeals to certain European institutions really need, especially as we see what the tragic consequences of the use of a nuclear power plant. This felt and Belarus after the Chernobyl accident, which resulted in 23% of Belarus is contaminated area. So what we see is very seriously.
Of course, technology improved, but no one can be fully protected from the possibility of accidents at nuclear power plants. In Lithuania are also concerned about the fact that, since the planned Ostrovetskaya plant will use water from the pool Vyal-Niemen, we can go to the radioactive water, and the whole ekasystyma Baltic Sea is threatened. Not to mention the people, both in Lithuania and Belarus.
Should apply to the European institutions, which issue permits for the construction of facilities such as nuclear power plants in the border area, and if it is ignored, and then apply sanctions, since the atom does not recognize borders, "- said Petras Luomanas.

"Uranus in rukax dictator"

Representatives of the Belarusian office of public and political representation in Lithuania were in time a round table with prepared materials for Ostrovetskaya plant. "It is necessary to remember that the nuclear power plant — a factory for the production of radioactive waste," — said in a speech Victor Gorbachev. "I was a blood donor is well know what cost us in Belarus Chernobyl, — said Igor Kovalenko, chairman of the Charity Association" Drop of Life ", which is now due to political persecution at home have to be in Lithuania:
"Dictator, all recognized illegitimate leader and Europe's last dictator, should not be given into the hands of uranium so that it could then blackmail Europe. Creating a nuclear power plant can be stopped at any stage, and it is too late to do it. Besides, the Russian finance this plant will result in Belarus total dependence on Russia. "

The political component of NPP

Appeal, adopted today, the IAEA, as well as the president of Russia. "The political component of the issue of nuclear power Ostrovetskaya — probably the core," — said one of the organizers of the round table in the Diet, the chairman of the Lithuanian Foundation to protect citizens Stasis Kaushinis:
"And here is a major player in the political game — Russia, which is actually building two nuclear power plants near Lithuania — one in the Kaliningrad region, and another in Belarus, but in fact, in peradmestsi Vilnius".
Lithuania is waiting for a response

Lithuania has not yet received a response from Belarus to the note of the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the Environmental Impact Assessment Ostrovetskaya nuclear power plant, although the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Sergei Martynov in late March, promised to answer. Two days ago, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry has sent a similar note and Russia concerning the Kaliningrad nuclear power plant. Today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Audronius Ažubalis had to answer questions from reporters that Lithuania will continue to do if the answer was not to be.
"There is a set of measures that Lithuania may apply to the situation was clear that the area under the plant moved away from the border with Lithuania, except as a provocation current decision of Belarus, we can not name. I just can not predict (what if the answers and will not come), we carry out our work, we see trying to get information, trying to talk with international partners. One of the main objectives — to Europe and the world, accurately and objectively see what is happening in this region, "- said the Minister of Foreign Affairs Audronius Azubalis today in an interview with the Baltic news agency BNS.

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