Azubalis urged EU ministers to simplify the visa regime with Belarus

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Azubalis urged his colleagues from the European Union as soon as possible to start negotiations on visa facilitation with Belarus.

Speaking in Luxembourg on 12 April at a meeting of the European Council on Foreign Relations Azubalis noted that the opening of the EU and the simplification of the visa regime would be to support the Belarusian nayvelizarneyshay Civil Society.

Due to the deterioration of the situation in the area Human Rights Belarus was discussed at a meeting of the Board to apply in respect of the country for more targeted measures.

According to the head of the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the European Union still did not use an important opportunity positive influence on Belarus — the negotiations on visa facilitation — and called on ministers to open negotiations.

He noted that Lithuania was in favor of a well thought-out measures against the repressive Belarusian regime.

"Possible measures should not worsen the situation of ordinary citizens of Belarus", — said A. Ažubalis.


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