Banned journalists complain to Strasbourg


Two journalists of the state media, which have come under EU sanctions, have complained to the European Court Human Rights. This is in Sunday night reported State TV.


The complaints came from Vadim Huygens, editor of "The Belarusian Thought", published by the presidential administration, and the correspondent of the state TV Alexei Mikhalchanka.

"This is a NOT embedded in my head, that people smoking state his opinion, differing from point view officials Brussels, Warsaw and Berlin"- said at the TV Hyginus.


Today the EU visa ban covered nearly 180 people, including government officials including the President Alexander Lukashenko, leader Service Security, judges, representatives election Commissions and the media.

Meanwhile with a similar protest at the UN and the EU has addressed Chairman of the pro-regime Union of Writers Nicholas Cherginets, which is also banned from entering the EU. Cherginets hit by sanctions after its declaration that the former presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu, beaten by 19 December before the start of the mass protests, "Belarus has broken the law and is guilty of organizing mass demonstrations."

Charhinets Nicholas, who is also the chairman of the Committee on International Affairs of the Council of the Republic, the EU is not only included in the list of banned, but froze its assets.

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