Bartolomeevka. Chronicle of extinction

Village Bartolomeevka Vetkovskiy district — one of the 363 Belarusian villages, which, after the Chernobyl disaster were to cease to exist because of the high radiation. But ten local residents do not like the relocation was proposed by the authorities. And they stayed in the village.

Past two years squatters in Bartalameevtsy almost halved. Of the nine remaining five — two men and three women.

Luba, Svetlana, Elena

Love says squatters Halushko:

"We deaths Sasha and John Muzychenko. They died. And we died in another hut Gregory and Valery. Gregory died in the winter and Valery, who lived with him, after he died. He came from somewhere near Smolensk."

Stsepka single settler

Among the dead was the only Ivan Muzychenko elderly, and even Gregory Skorikov over seventy. Valery has not held up to 55 years of age, and Sasha was generally a little over forty.

About radiation and its effects Mrs. Luba tries not to think too much. Even says that it is not so much. Another thing — in Japan, for her discouraged:

"They say is that with the radiation we are more or less normal, radiation is not so terrible. Won in Japan that cracked cracked. There was an earthquake, the reactor is damaged. And a lot of people died in that of Japan, and did not find a lot of people . worry, it is very difficult. Try to survive this mayhem. "

Ms. Luba said that squatters particularly hard winter. Elektrasvyatlo in the village were cut. Connection either, although mobile operator MTS has established Bartolomeevskaya huts near his two towers.

MTS tower near

The administration favors squatters except during election campaigns:

"If, for example, voting, then come and executive committee, and shop trailer — all come. And TV — and from Minsk, and from Gomel. How to vote, then come. And then they will drive us miserable? We do not have the Light , and when the lamp is difficult. podedu to which the tractor, diesel oil in the lamp — and smoke. And now preparing for Easter, the windows need to be washed, roughly whitewash. Deeds full yard! ".

Bartalameevtsy exist in the empty, overgrown with wormwood shrub yes, a handful of villagers for a long time helping foreigners. Humanitarian aid was brought here the Germans, Italians, Dutch, Japanese, Belgian, Irish. Carried clothes, shoes, household tools, products.

Bartalameevtsy were even among the heroes documentary "Chernobyl Heart" by American director Meryen Delhi, which received the ribbon of "Oscar."

Now the foreigners help Bartalameevtsy difficult: this takes a special permit humanitarian aid department.

Those who remain live mainly from pensions, from the garden, gather mushrooms and berries in the summer, fish, or as Nicholas Proud, weave wicker baskets for sale:

Nicholas Proud

"It's like a hobby, an extra income to the budget. Basically I work at private traders in the thread".

Nicholas came from Bartolomeevka, he only fifty-seventh Pensions he does not yet have. Moved here in the 93 th year of his second wife, Svetlana. Prior to that, he lived in a branch, and worked as a collective farm in the village of Rainbow Energy. Nicholas graduated from college and studied at the Agricultural Academy. He says that he left the farm because of the meager salaries and lack of housing.

Parental home of Nicholas buried. So he settled into a one of the five surviving huts, where he has lived the past 18 years with Svetlana — by the way, an electrician by profession.

Nicholas feels now is not the best way. Temperature. But the doctor did not go in the thread:

"To the doctor I almost did not appeal. Has come to the pharmacy, scored tablets — and all. Folk remedies I do lekuyusya — lime, raspberry, all wild. And honey you can find."

At the radiation villagers also do not care:

"Oh, my God. In a branch that sells everything clear? We here in the resettlement area harvested forage. Lays the silo. Now taken too fed to livestock. Milk in the dairy branch to get. So, I took it. Which it clean? "

Elena Muzychenko

Until recently, the villagers in his life were based on the family of Helen Muzychenko, an older woman in the village. She held a good economy, had a horse, a cow. But if Elena were dead husband John and son Sasha, she got rid of animals — has no power to take care:

"It is sad! Pushed people did notit is clear that. We have put this over the area Kovalev (grandmother nasty expletive). To my relatives come from Gomel, it penalizes them for 350 thousand. Why is that? This is the same family! They did not come to steal or kill, but to help me.

I went to the executive committee should be given a pass, and I did not pull the relatives. No one could come! Nobody is perfect — not given a pass. "

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