Base aliens and lies in the name of truth

Human history stores the names of many prominent scientists, creators of art, famous writers, politicians and religious leaders, who are known, it seems, even the smallest details.

Emanuel Swedenborg

But their lives are in fact sometimes contains such circumstances and facts, which for some reason are forgotten and are often found in the latest research of their rich intellectual heritage.

LAST GREAT Contactees

Great Swedish scientist Emanuel Swedenborg is known more for his work in mathematics, astronomy, mining, scientific cosmology. His work has played a significant role in establishing the foundations of scientific atomism. Swedenborg during his life he was elected a member of the Stockholm and an honorary member of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences. However, not many know of another, mysterious and little-explored Swedenborg, whose work is more than 200 years after his death inspired many researchers of paranormal phenomena.

In 1745, the 57-year-Swedenborg lived in London. Here with him for the first time and there were strange metamorphosis. He usually dined in the same tavern where he had at his disposal a room. There's a scientist in solitude could be given to reflection. Once with Swedenborg befallen a strange story. Once he saw that his room was filled with fog, which gradually turned into a thick darkness. When darkness dissipated before Swedenborg was a man dressed in a red robe and told him, "I am the Lord God, the Creator and Redeemer, and I have chosen you to reveal to people the spiritual meaning of Scripture. I'll show you that you will have to write. "

After that, the spirit of Swedenborg was transported to heaven, the spirit world and to hell, where allegedly met many familiar faces to him recently, and often long-dead. On his return to Earth, following the instructions of the spiritual world, he resigned from the civil service (Swedish King Charles XII elevated Swedenborg for outstanding achievement in science in higher bureaucratic class) and from scientific studies. With continuous, as it seemed, learned more than they were written more than 70 mystical works. In his major treatise eight languid "Heaven, its wonders and hell", telling of his visit to heaven, hell, the various heavenly bodies, Swedenborg stressed that he did not body image, as well as "spirit." "Fantasia, I know it," many would say. But let's not jump to conclusions and try to understand.

So Swedenborg had in mind non-spatial movement. The space, in his understanding, there is a continuum of thought, to move where you want to change the state of inner feelings. According to Swedenborg, the space and time with no visibility as material things, but as a real state of inner feelings. "Ovneshniv 'own ideas and thoughts, that is, assuming and believing that they are backed by external things used material source of our mental states, we begin to live in the world of appearances. "Externalized representation" have their own logic of development and operation, and require a knowledge of what is called science. Numerous cases of real clairvoyance can confirm the correctness of opinions Swedenborg, ability to see the past and the future, and not just to predict and speculate about them, means that the past, present and future exist simultaneously, not one after the other. This is possible only on the condition that the world and the human mind has the same quality and the same order. Only when people descend to the level of foresight or guesswork, time of visibility becomes an objective reality.

E.Svedenborg E.Kanta previously realized and recognized relative, subjective nature of our space, time, and they define the mechanistic order of things. In 1770, during another trip to London, he became sick and was sleeping more than a week without waking up. And on the day of awakening foretold his death, occurred two years later in 1772.


Older people can remember the name of the famous contactee George Adamski fifties. This "troublemaker" from the U.S. space missions began to speak long before the first artificial Earth satellite. He was a Pole by birth, but lived all his life in America, indulging in an amazing, unknown to many hobby finding real contact with the aliens constantly arriving, in his opinion, to the Earth. And according to numerous publications, it had turned out great.

The first contact with the alien civilization was held at Adamski October 3, 1946, when, allegedly, over his home base of the huge ship flying aliens. A year Adamski paid a courtesy visit whole armada of 184 in the number of UFO sightings. In 1952, the long-awaited meeting with the residents happy contactee Venus. According to Adamski, it was a "smooth-skinned, beardless, well-dressed man with white hair falling to his shoulders." His name was Orton. Alien communicated telepathically with a switch, and for this reason it was not possible to record on a tape of their conversation. Orton assured earthling in the most friendly intentions, but he expressed concern about the start at the time of testing of nuclear weapons. After veneryanina Adamski met Martian Firkonom and resident Saturn Rama.

This is where it all started shortly. Latter-day messiah has traveled across America to give lectures, which provided details of unsuspecting fellow citizens about his contacts with representatives of extraterrestrial advanced civilizations. A middle-aged man, and Adamski at the time was well over seventy, he developed intense activity to promote so to speak "words of space." His lectures with bright posters, which read: "Professor Adamski writer and lecturer on UFOs, space research, space and philosophy of intelligent life in the universe" to assemble the entire stadium audience.

Nobody would believe that Adamski had received no education, and by the 'big' scientific position is the latter-day work of Professor Cook California roadside cafe near the world famous Mount Palomar Observatory. Not long to wait and science-fiction novels. One of the most famous works of Adamski "imaginary trip to Mars, the Moon and Venus" became a bestseller, so has attracted admirers of his work, that he later began to call the novel diary of his travels. Ex-cook books were lavishly spiced "photographs" of alien spacecraft of various shapes and sizes. However, experts, experts who study UFO books Adamski claimed that "Professor", to say the leads unsuspecting Americans by the nose, and that the spacecraft is "lit the lamp in the operating room, a special device for the storage of tobacco has attached for greater fantastic tennis balls

At the height of his fame professor chef had such great success, that even had the honor to be received by Pope John XXIII and Dutch Queen Juliana. There were rumors that allegedly the head of one of the European countries seriously Adamski pleaded with him to take his daughter Venus to heal it from an incurable disease.

Just before his death in 1965 (by the way, he was buried next to other World War I veterans in Arlington Cemetery in Washington) Adamski honestly confessed that he just fooled people's heads. However, the controversy around his name do not cease to this day, and at times fueled by new evidence, photographs, documents, seems to confirm the reality of the second after the adventures of Swedenborg in the history of mankind "great contactee".

Two-Faced God JANUS

Joseph Allen Hynek almost forty years of his life were devoted study of UFOs. For a long time, he acted as a scientific consultant for the U.S. Air Force UFO problem and until his death, which followed in 1988, was a leading authority in this area. Dr. Hynek is a solid contribution to the conventional science. He served as director of Lindh-Maersk astronomical center, combining these duties with the management department of astronomy at Northwestern University. Earlier this scientist was deputy Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, and has led the program for satellite tracking under the auspices of NASA.

It should be noted that from the beginning of the work on UFOs (and Hynek was invited to a scientific consultant for the astronomical aspects of the phenomenon of "flying saucers" to filter out the meteors, planets, twinkling stars and other

natural events that provoke a stream of letters from eyewitnesses. DA) scientist sincerely derided passion "flying saucers". He and his colleagues believe that this phenomenon is due to the post-war psychosis and sincere sympathy to their fellow citizens, "fooled by such nonsense nesusvetnoy". Hynek Air Force accepted the invitation to be the "astronomical censor 'reports of UFO sightings, and in order not to miss a good chance to expose and dispel this myth unscientific.

By this time, based on years of research experts have come to the following conclusion: "UFOs are not a threat to U.S. security and are not extraterrestrial spacecraft". Moreover, the federal government encouraged "to stop collecting and analyzing reports of UFOs".

However, these results and conclusions did not satisfy Heinecke, who found the research methodology UFO "self-contradictory". He himself for more than twenty years strongly advocated the same view: UFO "some hitherto unknown natural phenomenon, which is still not solved by modern science". Subsequently inquisitive research interest took precedence over pragmatism scientist Hynek and initiated the establishment of the American Research Center for the Study of UFOs in Evanston (Illinois). Until his last days, he supervised his work.

But after the death of this talented researcher in the press began to appear more and more reports that Hynek entered into an agreement with the CIA and the Air Force in order to discredit the very idea of the study of UFOs.

In his remarkable book, "UFOs: The attempt of a scientific approach," Hynek wrote: "However, sadly, I can not tell readers the main thing that they certainly look to me to explain what a UFO. Just because I do not know. And no one knows. Until now, the nature of the UFO is an open … But I was determined to prove that not all the evidence invented or fabricated. "

Thus, we can assume that Hynek, for many years of life, carries out orders of military and intelligence agencies, yet found the courage to acknowledge the existence of UFO phenomenon

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