Base vnezemlyan under Ajudag

When something strange in the sky sees one or two people or a small group of people, it can still be attributed to the error, draw or a hand-shaped error. But when from the same area around Bear Mountain, received similar or equivalent certificate from year to year and over the years from a variety of people?

And not only obscure observation aircraft in the sky clearly heavenly civilization, but also reports of other anomalies — glowing body under the water, a strange rumble from the depths of the mountains, strange glow on its hillside, overlooking the parthenitae. There is a serious reason to think about!

Do a significant number of people and Gurzuf Partenit, people of different ages and backgrounds, as well as guests of these and other adjoining resorts of Crimea invent stories or suffer mass hallucination? Really, being sensible and savvy person, you can just take — and close on all of this?

Hard to believe that space aliens can so simply be based at us — very close to residential areas: after our small and densely populated Crimea, and even with a lot of tourists in summer and winter — not Antarctica! Also nearby — International Children's Center, and children — the most interesting in the world of creatures, from their eyes, it is unlikely that you can hide! But I'm Here are just some hushed press and Internet reports, which have become known to me as a result of years of research puzzles Ajudag, including from themselves.

In fact, a lot more of such facts. But many people are afraid or do not want to talk about what they saw and experienced, for fear of ridicule. I know from personal experience: even just passing by and Gurzuf Partenit, despite the general atmosphere of ignorance, indifference and total skepticism and mistrust surrounding the UFO phenomenon in our society (as told in the New Testament), it is still possible, talking with many local residents , learn a lot of stories like this! Some have already used it to these phenomena and, no surprise, they say:

October-December 2010. Resident Partenita Valentine (living in the village since 1969) recently told this writer the following:


2010, the night of 10 to 11 September. Witness Alexander writes, commenting on the hypothesis that long at Bear Mountain underground alien base:

(From the website).

September 2010, about 18 hours 17.30. Guided Tours of Partenita Oksana Fedorovna with the people on the boat station and other witnesses on the waterfront saw strange lights over the sea, hanging above the horizon. This clearly was not passing vessel — ships go there all the time, and they are used to. In this case, however, the lights were clearly arranged in a circle, and proceeded from the object to the same rays are angled downward. Unfortunately, observe the object for a long time failed. The witness added that boaters interested in and have long heard them talk about UFOs. Oksana added that in 2006 or 2007, she saw there the same (data obtained in person from eyewitness 04/12/2010).

Autumn 2010. Resident Partenita Valery late at night (22-23 hours) watched from the beach at the resort a strange phenomenon in the sky hung bright, which suddenly began to move rapidly on strange trajectories. — Said the witness (recorded during a personal interview 12/04/2010).

2010, October-November. Several people on the promenade at Yalta seen a clear glowing circle under the water, which is turned, and then left in a submerged position in the direction of Ajudag (according to Gennady Prokudin, Simferopol).

A similar observation was in 2009, a witness says Artem (comment on the article? Site):


In the same July 11, 2009 another local witness with the pseudonym Vetal wrote:


2010, July, the height of summer … a rest near Ajudag not only bring home souvenirs, photos and tanned face, but … video, captured in flight objects, unusual in the sky. In general, such a holiday to remember for a long time. As was the case with one witness — told her about her son Alex from Donetsk:


The video was analyzed by ufologists Crimea, and this is clearly not an airplane or helicopter, and do not light bombs (Saba), which massively observed along the southern coast in the evening September 12, 2006

The middle of summer 2009. Vacationers in Partenit (husband and wife), and a group of local residents watched as over a nearby mountain to Ajudag Sharh rose luminous body and abruptly went to a point in the direction between Simferopol and Alushta. This was reported by a local resident Andrew, adding that his mother regularly sees glowing UFO — over the hump of Bear Mountain, when it worked in the morning (recorded by eyewitness was 04/12/2010).

December 2009. Resident Partenita Ruslan (born in 1974) was walking with his wife and small child Inna on quay Partenita near Bear Mountain, when suddenly they saw a glowing, like the moon, the object is rounded shape, which entered directly into the water at an angle of 30-40 degrees, without any splashes. It was evident. Clearly, it was a UFO, not a meteorite, the object was no trail.

Prior to that, the winter of 2008 or 2009 Ruslana have observed in the late evening, about half past ten, another strange thing: the rear part of Bear Mountain was covered in phosphorescent points — about 20 odd light points mysteriously appeared and just as mysteriously disappeared right at the back ! (Recorded on 04/12/2010, with the private conversation in Partenit).

Strange but true: the winter of 2001 the author of these lines also happened to see the three points of light, lined up to face Ajudag elongated triangle on the back, facing the parthenitae. And it is — a cloudy day! The impression is that on the mountain slowly lit three fires as beacons, and then just as slowly extinguished!

According to a resident of Anna Gurzuf Sigalchik (head material part of the sanatorium), in 2007-2008, she also heard several times the stories about how the glowing ball flew and then disappeared under the water in the area of Bear Mountain.

2008. Residents Partenita Kovalik, Erokhin and others watched as a beam of grapes in RBU (plaster and mortar site) near Ajudag down red ball of fire and disappeared. Unfortunately, the attempt to remove the ball on a mobile phone failed.

Another UFO sighting in Ajudag — in 2006, the beginning of July, about 22.20-22.30. Witness — Pavel from Polotsk Krasnogvardiyske settlement (Crimea), member of the local village council. The eyewitness was on the waterfront in Partenit when he saw in the sky shaped object with lights and whirligig domed top. UFO moved silently, absolutely no noise. The bottom of the device was a round convex. The rim of colored lights flashing — gold, white and green color (green as in the bright green grass.) Lights visible and highlights the shape of the object, which was also highlighted in the lights of the village below. — Said the PI Polotsk. What is remarkable is that the object was moving in zigzags. Alas, the people on the waterfront (by the impression of the witness) did not pay attention to the UFO. flying south-south-east to the sea, then walked away, hiding behind the houses, and our witness lost sight of the object (but the overall impression is that the left, apparently for Mount Ajudag where quite this UFO could dive into the sea away from the shore and go to underground base under the mountain).

Clearly, it was not a plane (though the planes fly often — above Yalta is an air corridor). Planes do not fly silently (especially when the distinction among the different colors of lights — so the object was flying close) and zigzags are not moving. I know for a long time and witness interviewed in person. He is an honest man, stories to write will not.

2006, the night of 14 to 15 September. Settlement Gurzuf resort. Resting from Kiev, watching the sea at night, suddenly saw an object illuminated by different lights in the form of a disk, which flew at high speed over the sea and dived into the water near Bear Mountain, raising a beautiful fountain with colorful splash! (C eyewitness I spoke personally, she was shocked by what he saw.) With her for the UFO in this area then watched a few others.

In September 2004, V. Legotaev, V. Sapegin and Victor, the people of Mariupol, submerged diving in the underwater promontory near Gurzuf. The boys swam slowly over the ground at a depth of 7 meters. Suddenly they saw three creatures floated by underwater rocks. These creatures were dressed in suits of gray-silver. They did not wear masks and scuba. One of the humanoids, floating in front, gave the boys a hand, which had three fingers. Two others were treated at the bottom of something. The first humanoid left hand pressed a button on his chest. All beings came together and quickly disappeared into the depths. Victor clearly considered it. Growth of 3-4 meters, almond-shaped, very large, wide-set eyes. Instead of a small round nose hole. No ears. On the neck there are three grooves like shark gills.

Friends ask the local fishermen. Those did not surprise (!) They said the big-beast lived here a long time (?) They call them Polyphemus. One angler even remembered that once struck his father in the back, when he swam too close to them.

In August 2004, D. Countryside friends spent the night at Cape Ayudagh. After midnight Dmitry sat near the tent and admired the full moon. Suddenly, on a cliff, 10 meters away, he saw a strange creature. Growth of 1.4-1.6 m greenish skin, similar to human limbs. The eyes are large, round, burned phosphorescent light. The creature saw him and Dmitry heard hissing. He looked away and heard the whistle. The creature jumps escaped the rock. Countryside woke his friend Anatoly. They came to the stone on which there sat. Friends feel like odor carbide. The next day at the park came three more children. They said repeatedly seen this creature and would not recommend approaching it at a distance of less than three meters.

Also children have repeatedly seen a UFO, which blew into the cave, located on an inaccessible summit. (Testimony of the hidden underground passage to the mountain base depth Ajudag?)

So in the Black Sea has a lot of secrets and mysteries, former hydronauts researcher Anatoly Tarasovich Tynygin-Tauride, interrogates these witnesses.

The accuracy of the facts set out, of course, to the conscience of the storytellers. But the fact is that from the area is full of amazing and other evidence of UFO sightings.

For example, in autumn 2002, a resident of Simferopol Andrey Trukhin, born in 1969 (which I personally interviewed in detail) spent the night with a friend on Mount Castel, and watched for about 23 hours as the east Ajudag straight from the sea (!) Rose glowing object — a ball, then melted to the north. Initially, the sea glowed yellow-orange, the water itself is lit circles: 'said an eyewitness. Yellow ball closer to the orange — it is likely to be the plasma field around the unit. The very form of the device could not be spherical, but different. The traffic was fairly uniform. Observation was for no more than 8-10 minutes. The object of the sea rose slowly, about abeam Little Lighthouse.

August 27, 2002. Time — 22.27-22.32. Weather conditions — the night cloudless sky. Place — the sky, north of Mount Ayudagh. Vantage point — the school. Observers — three students of the Police Academy (Puppies, Gorbatenko, Telichko) from one point through the open window. UFO features: the object was observed after hovering in the sky and could be seen in the size of 5 cents. The central part is not visible. On the contour of the object shining lights, after one minute of observation opposite lights shone brightly, and then the light is moved from one light to another (like a light bulb 6 volt gave 12). After 3 minutes, the object began to move away, staying in the same place. Next to him was flying the aircraft at about 5 miles.

(Source:, database UFODOS). 2000. Another story from the witness:

(Narrated by UFO chat January 25, 2001 a man with the nickname Alex Kutik. Supplemented with data sent by e-mail January 26, 2001).

Another fantastic post — Vladimir Svyatniy of Yalta:

<What I want to tell you, there was a 19 or 20 August 1997 … I worked at the time the sewage plant operator resort, located on the shore of the sea. From there, a good view on and Ayudagh. It was 23 o'clock at night. I went out to get some fresh air. Suddenly, from the point where the nose touches the water, approximately a 30 degree angle in the sky hit a beam of light, as if it was a flashlight. Beam swung slightly (just swung as if to draw attention to it), then gradually decreased in length, from the water and took a position parallel to the sea surface in the direction of Cape Marian. It was not the beam, and a glowing neon light bulb object, 10.8 meters in length and one meter in diameter. Around him was a halo of light that, as the beam that shines out of the water initially. Flew fast as an airplane, but without sound. He disappeared in front of me, a mild cotton.
Only here the light was weaker, and I've seen it a pipe. It did not reach me until about fifty meters and turned towards the coast. I saw clearly the curve bend pipe, then it leveled off at speed and then went out, made a small cotton.

1997, December 31. Shortly before midnight, Elena, a resident Partenita, saw a bright blinding light, gushing into the windows (area of so-called "house Camus" — in practice, the village center). Out on the balcony (4th floor), she saw a yellow circle or a ball of fire, shining like precious gold. The object was first on the spot, then began to move. It seemed that the ball the whole move. The light was so bright that it hurt my eyes, especially during outbreaks, proceeding from the object — it looks like it was a plasma field around the aircraft. A few minutes before 1998 — the object disappeared.

Another UFO sighting in Ajudag — 1998:

"Late in the evening on the background of purple sky suddenly there was a bright star that was moving with extremely high speed from the mountain Ajudag Paragelmen. It was much larger size and brighter than the other stars, and that is, and the swiftness of their flight, and it caught our attention. "Dived" from top to bottom of the mountain, after a moment, she appeared in another place, and stood still. And then again flashed across the sky, and approaching the spot where we stood, suddenly changed course and disappeared … This is the second time in my life when I saw the so-called unidentified flying object. And both in the first and second time this occurs is not one, so the optical illusion or hallucination like anything but. Besides, I know people who are also not seen a UFO … "

Unfortunately, the article does not specify the exact date of the observation (Victor Mekhontsev the "Crimean newspaper", Yalta, on August 26, 2000). Details such observations as:

1) the object stood motionless on the ground for a while;

2) a sudden change in the path — say that it could not be "shuttle" space station "Mir", the ISS or a bright moon …

1995, October. Warm evening a group of pioneers "Artek" went with a night out at the ICC morpunkta skiffs Ajudag to the side that is closer to Partenit — on the beach "Panair." Late at night in the dark, they suddenly saw five glowing objects (obviously, not aircraft), flying systems that come close to the sea — to the "head" Ajudag and disappeared behind a mountain. The impression is that the objects entered directly into the mountain! What he saw made an indelible impression (written with the words brother eyewitness working to ICC "Artek", directly in Artek).

1991. Surprising phenomenon was observed in August 1991 in the Crimea Donetsk resident Valentina Tatulova, then working in "Artek":

"That night, we walked with a friend to the camp" Sea. " Children are ready to speak at the campfire, sat on long wooden seats at the amphitheater. On the left I could see the contour of Bear Mountain, and to the right of the sea were two small islands Adalary. Dusk, full moon, and suddenly the children ran to the sea, shouting: "UFO! UFO! "Indeed, over the glittering ball Adalar golden hue, like the moon, but smaller in diameter. Ha water reflects two tracks: silver and gold from the moon from the ball-disc … Every 10 minutes, the ball disappeared and then appeared in the same place. It lasted about an hour and the kids interest in it gradually disappeared. And about 22.00 there was one ball below the first. Balls are alternately turned on and off, but with a long interval. Then lower the ball to stop, and began to take off from the top, like fireworks, stars with a fiery tail, disappearing at a short distance from the ball-ROM. After some time, these stars are again fly into a ball. Finally, there were again two drives and at one point from vertical flipped simultaneously in a horizontal position. Like two eyes are on us to watch. That's where we felt some fear, the body was trembling from all the unnatural eye-balls … look at us for half an hour, and then disappeared. And later again flashed the original ball drive. Tired of the long-term observation, about midnight, I went to bed. Impressed by what he saw was unforgettable. "

Going to a lot of the facts on the basis of which it is already possible to write a whole book about the mysteries Ayudagh. UFO near Mount repeatedly observed in the 90's, 80's, 70 years of the twentieth century, and earlier.

The interesting incident, which occurred in the autumn of 1976, I said Anatoly Tarasovich Tanygin-Taurian from Sevastopol, a former sailor and hydronauts researcher with extensive experience in the Soviet Union. Fleet Auxiliary vessel (providing military operations the Black Sea Fleet), "KIL-33" (the ship measuring lines) went from the port of Poti, where sailors were searching for the missing in the high seas of the military aircraft in Sevastopol:

"The weather was stormy, and from Sukhumi to Cape Sarich we were in a continuous fog. Yalta port beam, or rather mountains Ayudagh. I was standing on the navigation watch. Time — two in the morning. Suddenly on the radar screen "Don" on bearing 210 degrees and a distance of 10 miles there was the goal. Three minutes later, taking a few bearings, I see that the bearing does not change, it means that the object is on a collision. I walk out onto the bridge, silence, nothing is heard. Distance was reduced to two miles. Car stopper, give back up. I see in the fog, at an altitude of 50 meters above the water, the vague outlines of a dark object in the form of a disc, the classic "plate" thirty meters in diameter, which is at a high speed without the least noise of the bow flew toward Ayudagh. Calling on the bridge Captain Victor Jalili. Discuss what they see. Write in the log book on UFO sightings, according to the secret instructions "Notices to Mariners", received in 1976. I give move forward, keep watch on the radar of the object. The speed of an unidentified object 160 knots, course 12 degrees, he flew to the side of Bear Mountain. "

In 2009, I conducted a survey on the Internet and local residents Gurzuf Partenit. Something has learned. For example, the message residents Gurzuf Galina Verbitskaia:

"Hello, Anton. The fact of the presence of UFOs in Ajudag obvious to me. In an underground civilization believe. Annual light — Sprite observed in the night sky in the summer. "

According to some data, the strange glow has been observed for about four years, she, her family and friends at the end of August and in early September at 21-22 hours. The nature of light — iridescent.

Here is another witness said:

"The source of illumination is unknown to me, but what the nature of his unearthly — obviously. Observed in the nose of Bear Mountain and a little west. Duration — about an hour. Scattering of the radiation was more illuminated spherical objects, concentrating in a spherical space. "

How to explain it? Completely unclear how such a glow observed from Gurzuf …

04.07.2009 morning, I received a call from a man of Boryspil, his name is Sergey, who in 1966, as a pioneer, rested in "Artek" camp "Sea," and when I went to the mountain Ajudag, we heard from its depths low frequency hum … !

I think that hallucination is eliminated, as he assured me that no transformers was not there, and besides, he lived all his life at Boryspil electrical substations, and so this is clearly heard the roar and felt! He said that it was a rumble from the depths, it's a literal phrase: "I grew up in a substation — I understand this buzz!" In his mind flashed the thought that there may be a secret submarine base … "After reading your note about UFO base under Ajudag, I received confirmation "… And one more thing:" What power substation — her bass sound … And the sound of Ajudag was more solemn … hum. " In addition, the same witness spoke there with a local fisherman, who told him: "This is probably some secret underground factory built …" Sergei Nikolaevich then 13th year went to this rally did not like!

It seems that the mountain is not always buzzing, and periodically. If someone will assure that hums something else and passed many miles underground in the area Ajudag, this is not serious: large factories in the area there, Alushta-Yalta highway so low-frequency hum can not, the railroad there is also extremely far and for the Crimean mountains …

Also consider frivolous version of that 12-year-old pioneer of the "Artek" so just buzzing in my head. About a strange buzzing and the psychic said Gennady Prokudin from Simferopol. From the depths of a mysterious hum mountains Ajudag heard many, including pioneers "Artek". In particular, another witness — Fedor Shevchenko, 46, a resident of the Omsk region in 1976 rested in "Artek" and wrote the following:

"In 1976 I went on a tour with his unit to the hot rocks on Ajudag, the buzz inside the mountain himself heard. There was some legend, but the UFO question was not. As for the base under a mountain — everything is possible, as we do this in real life do not know … "

Addition of a strange hum said:

"… Did you hear the roar all — pioneer this buzz once commented about him and the legend told. But — I do not remember. It happened somewhere in the 11 to 12 days, when we went from hot rocks — have moved away, but not much. Already started, in my opinion, go down. What kind of a buzz? In my deaf, some said that even the mountains swing felt … I personally do not feel it. But like even the stones slipped slightly. "

From the depths of a mysterious hum Ajudag unlikely to be due to natural causes.

Obtain documentary evidence and of unidentified submerged objects (NGOs) have Ayudagh. Sailor from Sevastopol Nicholas Sadovnichy witnessed the fall 2006 with the Ukrainian navy ship "Baltic" is not just anywhere, but it was at Cape Ajudag was seen flying underwater … "plate." It happened during an expedition to search for the ship "Armenia", which sank during the Second World War. In the Department of Underwater Heritage Institute of Archaeology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine confirmed that professionals really spotted off the coast of Crimea mysterious object. What's more, they even have a picture of this anomalous phenomenon!

Here is what N. Sadovnichy in an interview with "facts":

"I was seized with a sense of unreality: I am sure that UFOs do not exist, yet, here he is on the screen …"

We were looking at the bottom of the sea remains of the ship "Armenia" and came across … an unidentified underwater object, — said the director of the Department of Underwater Heritage of Ukraine Sergey Voronov. — However, first things first. The death of "Armenia", which took place in 1941 as a result of attacks by the German torpedo planes, was one of the biggest maritime disasters claimed the lives of about seven thousand people. For comparison, the "Titanic" in 1513 killed the passengers and sailors. Last autumn, from the board of "Baltic" we explored the waters off Cape Ajudag — one of the possible crash site "of Armenia." This was a joint expedition with the Russians. They provided the equipment that scans the bottom in deep water. It "sees" and objects in the water. And in one of my watches Russian engineer said, "We seem to have fixed the Ukrainian submarine!" I looked at the screen, and there really is an object that is moving from a vapor trail, testifying that the mysterious submarine moves (visually it looks like this in the sky from the plane). I did not say Russian experts, the only Ukrainian submarine "Kiev" has long been out to sea. Said only that this submarine unusual shapes, very much it looks like a "flying saucer." Actually, I'm in UFOs and such miracles do not believe, so I was seized with a sense of unreality. I'm sure that nothing like this exists. Suggested that a Russian submarine. Back in Sebastopol, said the strange submarine officers familiar Russian Black Sea Fleet. Those in one voice declared: their submarines for several months did not go to the sea … (On the way there was only one submarine of Project 877 — "Alrosa", and she was standing at the pier!).

— You did not experience any unusual sensations? — Asked the reporter. — Perhaps underwater plate provided an effect on you?

— No. There was another — fatigue, lack of sleep … So I thought, "Would not we be seeing things unidentified object?" Scroll record scanning bed and saw: the device is really fixed some "plate." They began to understand, what is remarkable is the place. It turned out there were three mud volcano. But in the Black Sea are quite a few …

However, the fact that mud volcanoes are located in the Black Sea at a distance of many miles from Ajudag and strange underwater object spotted and photographed from the screen on the device is close to Bear Mountain!

Another person wrote on this subject:

"… Believe it or not, in 2006, after going to the Ajudag time and date on the clock and a mobile phone were transposed. Time back an hour and the date of the last days … There is another point: everyone who went to the Bear small company or alone, felt a presence. More than once I found myself thinking that someone is watching. "

On Ajudag much wealth from the mineral pyrite, which ancient man used as the first match and carved out a fire, to rare trees. Today — it's geological, natural and archaeological sites. But most importantly, experts say, the treasure of the mountain — the concentration of the energy of the Earth — a consequence of the failed eruption. Proponents of esoteric claim that there is a particular concentration of the flow of cosmic energy. This draws on Ajudag, like a magnet, all kinds of people, from ordinary tourists to the fanatics of alternative religions.

In general, experts are divided Ajudag mountain into two parts: the top of the inhospitable and energy rise.

Here is what the deputy chief medical officer of ICC "Artek" Henry Rath:

From experience I can say that people here can embrace anxiety, and they are going to do things that the bottom would not have committed. In my life I had saved 24 people. And how many of those who each year unmotivated wandering, climbing up cliffs and dies! Somehow I had to drag away from the brink of his own friend. In the dream, he tore apart the monster, and he jumped up screaming and ran to the rocks — I managed to catch up to five meters of the cliff. I myself slept on Ajudag 25 times and 20 of them were accompanied by terrible dreams. At the bottom I usually sleep like a log and dreams do not see. On the plateau — on the contrary. And, most importantly, all the dreams were suffocating.

According to Rath, a negative impact on humans is not everywhere, but only at the top of the mountain, which is called the plateau.

Explanation of these phenomena are different people.

Infrasonic oscillations and elevation influence, — said the doctor. — Gore goes to sea as iron, and all the energy flows around the elements of the mountain, making the plateau subsonic impact. It is known that infrasound causes all living fear. Therefore, no animals, no birds will not see you there. Rest easy on Ajudag possible unless the second half of August, when there is no wind and no wind.

Words Rath confirmed the discovery made Shuleikin Academician in 1935. Physicist has proved that the passage of the wind over the crests of waves excited low-frequency vibrations — infrasound. Ordinary sounds quickly dispersed into the air, and low-frequency transmitted over long distances with little loss. And in the water, they are distributed to seven times faster than in air, and can cover the coastal areas. In our case, the top Ajudag can serve as a point of convergence of infrasonic waves. For man is an adverse effect on the psyche, causing him anxiety and fear.

But the question is: is it true that explanation? Or anxious people upstairs Ajudag due to other causes? For example, the fact that they are under by Ajudag?

Strangely shaped clouds and behave around Ayudagh. Here is just one piece of evidence:

"… Soon after our arrival in Gurzuf around the mountain began to gather interesting form a cloud. Its size and density began to rise, and soon it formed a ring around the mountains, dividing it exactly in half and started to spin around her. After some time, the cloud grew to a size that closed the mountain from the middle to the top. Moreover, it is slowly rotated in a circle, and the rest was pure heaven! "

One should pay attention to two things:

1. The rest of the sky to stay clean.

2. Cloud slowly rotated in a circle. Eyewitness — Vlad Bulgakov from Simferopol. The phenomenon was observed 16.06.2004, captured on photos.

Another unusual — strange hot air flow at a total Ajudag cool air and wind. Same V. Bulgakov says:

"… In the afternoon, 22 March (2004) we moved to Mount Ajudag, conducted a reconnaissance of the area, chose the site, and at other times to get to it. The slope with falling stones we got to the back of the Bear Mountain, to the site, which can be overcome only by climbers with appropriate equipment … When going down, several times felt the hot rush of air, though the air was cool and the wind. Noted the unusual fact. "

Question: What are these strange hot wind on Ajudag, with an overall cool air and wind? And it is in March and then the month, when the stones from the sun by no means can be very hot! You do not have the same summer, and early spring! It seems that from time to time there is an artificial release — removal of excess heat from the underground complex beneath the mountain — through some hidden hole or shaft.

Another confirmation message. Tatiana says witness (who regularly comes in Partenit)

"Guys, I'm four years in a row in Partenit rest. Each year of rising to the top! This year (in 2009) from the entrance to the spa Ajudag reached Cape Monastery, and walked the path of the bottom of the "energy" of the clearing. Indescribable beauty! Cliff, extreme! Before reaching the Cape Monastery, found another clearing. It is round, reddish earth, and, most surprisingly, no blade of grass does not grow! A meadow near a well, such as sewer manhole, but the bottom is not visible at all!

As for the feeling that someone is watching you, do not feel. And the clock on the ground. But the inexplicable power after the descent from the mountain … It is always present! Five hours of non-stop up and down, no muscle is not sore legs themselves are, and after the descent we always — or in a nightclub, or a car to Yalta late. And in the morning — up at 6 am, and at sea. Mountain — a miracle! This fascinating. I always ask the 13th floor to watch her. "


1. Why is not growing in the meadow, no blade of grass, and what a strange circular shape of the field?

2. What a strange pit near "type manhole?"

Another confirmation of the reality of UFO base under Ajudag esoteric received from the group "Radigash", here is an excerpt from their experience:

"… Carefully, stealthily entering the clearing, and the move is the flow of information — the base of UFOs. Under the ground in this area is an alien base recovery ships and alien creatures themselves. Is here for a long time can not be the sole shoes to melt, and the human mind is dangerous. We approach this pyramid, in principle, ordinary stones, but were clearly heat treatment temperature is high. Go, but the place is unforgettable …. "Until next time" — tells us the mountain. Sense of joy and infinite happiness from touching the antiquity, the spirit world surrounds us, and to the house does not let this place. The Holy Mountain — Ayudagh. "

Donetsk ufologist Sergei Osadchy agree with a number of Crimean researchers that right in the mountain there is a kind of base Ajudag UFO

"Come in, most likely under water from the sea in a rocky slope, consisting of laccoliths (tectonic structure formed by magma intrusion into the sediment, which rises above the domed solidified magma geological body). Find it still failed for several reasons: the depth and there is decent, and technology, I think, far away from the earth. Presumably, the breed-extendible retracted at the atomic and molecular level. If you listen closely, you can catch the faint hum of working mechanisms. It would be good to send an expedition there, equipment supersensitive equipment! "

Natalia esoteric Glazkov and wil Landa noted:

"Over this mountain UFOs often appear in the ten years we photographed several times seen in reality, but the reality of UFOs often not visible, and the camera captures them. This mountain is often forms strange clouds over them, much like the UFO. Andrew Yarkov, resident Partenita, assembled a collection of photographs of clouds over the mountain strange shape Ajudag. "
In general, the puzzles Ajudag beckon and await researchers …

Anton Anfal,
PhD, Associate Professor, Coordinator ONAPOS
(Society observers abnormal manifestations of the environment)

I urge all UFO witnesses to call at tel.: (066) 389-18-64 (0652) 25-66-90, 51-48-87
or write:

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