Bats are affected by the lunar phobia, researchers found

Active bats falls in bright moonlight, the article says Mexican scientists, published in the journal Mammalian Biology.

A team of scientists led by Romeo Vasquez-Saldana (Romeo A. Saldana-Vazquez) independent from the Mexican Institute of Ecology INECOL the study analyzed data from 26 species of bats that live in different parts of the world, and compared them with the phases of the moon.

"We tried to find out how these mammals afraid of moonlight. Our results show, the higher the intensity of moonlight, the lower the activity of mice" — the article says.

The scientists concluded that the most afraid of moonlight the types of bats that hunt in water or in the treetops. Most likely, this can be explained by the fact that the moon illuminates the open landscapes, and bats are afraid of being caught by predators. However, scientists have another explanation: no one to catch mice just as their prey hiding in the moonlight.

The least responsive to the phase of the Moon Mouse, living in caves or in the dense forest undergrowth, where the moonlight is virtually unaffected by light.

"We hope to shed light on the reasons for the reduction of activity of bats, depending on various circumstances, and arising in connection with this behavior patterns in mice," — said Romeo Saldana-Vazquez, who was quoted by the BBC BBC.

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