Bear — Eater appeared in the Arctic station

In the area of one of the Russian Arctic research station will bear-eater. Received information that a predator killed a northern one of the scholars of the weather station. It happened right outside the base. On the man-eating bear hunting began.

The Russian archipelago of Franz Josef Land and the island is Hayes, on which the Russian scientific weather station named ET Krenkel. September 20 at the station a man was killed — a scientist from Komi Eremkin Michael, 54 years old. He came out of one of the premises of the Arctic base and went down the path, right where he was waiting for a big white bear. It happened a few dozen meters from the base of the main premises. Details of the "Interfax" referring to North Territorial Administration for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring.

The organization Sevgidromet Eremkin colleagues, who signed with the company's annual employment contract, said the following: "Having heard the dog barking, colleagues victim ran to the aid of Eremkin. Pistol shots scared off the animal, but the researcher was already dead. " In the management of RPN in the Arkhangelsk region Sevgidromet received permission to shoot a forced polar bear attacked a man.

Of the deceased leader Tourcenter Syktyvkar State University Damir Gazizov reported that "Michael was an experienced camper Eremkin, a professional in his field, a good friend. In Syktyvkar, he left a wife, no children. " The body of scientific research vessel "Mikhail Somov" takes about a month to Arkhangelsk.

Author: Vladimir Bolshakov

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