Belarus' foreign debt has reached the limit

The Ministry of Finance of Belarus issued a statement that the foreign debt of the country close to the level limit, and as of March 1 of about $ 10.6 billion. Approved debt limit of $ 11 billion.

Post quoted the Finance Ministry, "RIA-Novosti".

"The foreign debt of Belarus for February 2011and increased by 0.9% as of March 1 was at 32,103.9 billion Belarusian rubles (About 10.6 billion), "- Said in a statement the Ministry of Finance.

At the same debt guaranteed by the government, is 2.3% of the total external debt. This index for February rose by 13.9%. Central government debt is 97.7%, while the total debt formed a long-term borrowings.

Domestic public debt of Belarus in February 2011and increased by 4.3% to 9,707 as of March trillion Belarusian rubles (About 3.2 billion U.S. dollars).

Earlier, Belarus asked the Russian government for a loan of 1 billion dollars and the EurAsEC Anti-Crisis Fund for a loan of $ 2 billion.

National Bank of Belarus expects to receive credit in April This year,.

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