Belarus and the IMF began talks about the possibility of financial assistance

The mission of the International Monetary Fund made several proposals in the area of economic policy, which can be useful for Belarus, said the head of the IMF mission to Belarus Chris Jarvis in Minsk on Monday.

"We have a good idea of the current economic Situation in Belarus. We managed to offer options to the economic policies that may appear useful to you "- Jarvis said at a meeting with Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Myasnikovich.

Jarvis said that while the mission in Belarus held a series of meetings in the government and the National Bank of the country, meeting with representatives of the Belarusian business community, experts, representatives of the banking and diplomatic circles.

Jarvis added that "we are at the first stage of the negotiations on the possible program … obviously we still have a long way to go."

Myasnikovich proposed to discuss at the meeting on Monday, "questions relating to our handling of the development of a joint program with the Fund with respect of the loan."

"We, as a full-fledged members of the IMF, we can count on some support in difficult times," — the words Myasnikovich Interfax.

The IMF mission was in place from 1 to 14 June.

Under the new program of cooperation with the IMF Belarus hopes to raise between 3.5 and 8 billion dollars.

Application to the IMF, that he committed a stabilization loan, the government and the National Bank of Belarus sent on May 31.

At a press conference in Minsk, the head of the IMF mission to Belarus Chris Jarvis said the price freeze in Belarus will lead to a shortage.

"I do not think that price controls are a good idea. This

Price caps are a good idea.

will lead to a deficit "- quoted by Interfax news agency Jarvis.

"It is recommended to liberalize pricing. Restrictions in this case does not lead to positive results," said the representative of the IMF. He also again stressed that the IMF suggests "to the full liberalization of all segments of the foreign exchange market and the unification of the course."

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