Belarus force on 1 May suspend shipments of milk powder in Russia

According to a joint press release of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Belarus and the Russian National Union of Milk Producers (Soyuzmoloko), an agreement was reached at a joint meeting in Minsk.

It worked out the "rules of the game" of milk producers of the two countries on the market Customs Union. This is the agency "Interfax-West".

Restricting the supply of milk powder is aimed at "preserving the stability of the dairy market Customs Union"." Deliveries will be renewed by mutual agreement ", — stated in a press release.

According to the Russian side, raw milk in RF in the summer months by 30%, respectively, and increasing the production of milk powder. Typically, the bulk of it — up to 80% (132 tons) — is produced in the spring and summer, which is considered the season "more milk."

In this regard, "Soyuzmoloko" considers it appropriate to transfer the supply of dairy products from Belarus primarily milk powder for the autumn-winter period.

According to the approved between Russia and Belarus, the balance of trade, This year, deliveries of Belarusian milk powder in the Russian Federation is defined in 85 tonnes (65 tons — skimmed and 20 tons — dried whole milk).

Total in Russia produces about 165 tonnes of skimmed and whole milk powder on 24,5-27,2 billion.

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