Belarusian anarchists respond to one of the versions of the KGB

Chairman of the KGB of Belarus Vadim Zaitsev on April 12 announced the three versions of the terrorist attack in the Minsk metro. One of them — the relation to the explosion of young extremists. "There are representatives of radical extremist youth organizations. Now complete a criminal case on the anarchists. We do not exclude that in retaliation, primarily in respect of the KGB could have committed such acts, "- said Zaitsev.

Zaitsev has responded to the statement group of anarchists "against the state, against the capital!" Online Indymedia Belarus.

"We are confident can say, that anarchists had nothing to do with this mass murder. We are angry and strongly condemn the subjects carried out the bombing.

Opponents of anarchists is the government and its representatives. Presidents, ministers, generals, the owners of large enterprises, as well as the brutal cops, prosecutors heartless, cowardly judges, corrupt officials, greedy executives. Also, our opponents are Nazis — pathological serial maniac.

People who go underground to in crowded trains get to work — it's the ones who stand in solidarity and anarchists who they are often. […]

It should also be recalled that the Belarusian Anarchists, a criminal case mentioned by the chairman of the KGB, accused of arson: bank, police station, the prison guards, the city department of the KGB, the pro-government pseudo-union organization. As well as setting fire to cars in the embassy, breaking the site of the city administration and in the wrong anti-war march under the windows of the General Staff of the Belarusian. All arson were made late at night. Damage to people as a result of these attacks has been excluded. From this it is clear that the objectives of attacks Belarusian anarchists, even according to the investigation, are very different objects, the Belarusian anarchists valued human life and do not use explosives. "

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