Belarusian partisans moved into the Belarusian language

Renowned independent website "Belarusian Partisan" today went to the Belarusian language. Belarusian version opens as home. There is a move to the Russian version.

The announcement wording "Belarusian Partisan" states:
"Dougie friends, readers of our website, men and those who sympathize with us, we are happy to announce the good news." Belarusian partisan "speak the native language of the Belarusians.

5 years appeared our site. All these years We came out exclusively in Russian. Many considered it our principled position or indication that we are "sold Muscovites." They were wrong — we just have not had the strength to do a second version of the site parallel to the mother for us Belarusian language. But now we have decided to change the situation. "Belarusian partisan" is available from today and Belarusian language.

The Belarusian language now is our principled position. Obviously, as increased self-consciousness in recent months many Belarusians, especially the young. WhiteRussian language became for many in the code that makes them stand out in the crowd of gray hunted and strangled Belarusians. And we could not ignore these changes in the public mood … "

"Guerrilla" is the official spelling.

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