Belarusian UAV «Berkut» ready to conquer the market

Belarusian UAV
Currently, the Belarusian UAVs are becoming huge fame and go to the international market of unmanned aircraft systems. We are speaking about small reconnaissance drones. At a not so long ago, the exhibition «Interpolitex 2013» Belarusian company OJSC «AGAT-management system» together with JSC «558th Aircraft Repair Plant» presented to the public a whole line of tactical UAVs class. According to Yuri Leontseva holding the office of the deputy director of the enterprise «AGAT-management system», Engineering and System Science, with its new developments in the field of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), the company expects to practice to solve the problem on imports, provide law enforcement agencies with tactical short-range UAV. The company plans to create a modern functional ALS acts with a radius of over 100 km, with a focus not only on the Russian and Belarusian, and on the international market.

Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Belarus is considering the purchase of 2 types of unmanned aerial reconnaissance systems and surveillance in 2014. According to Dmitry Kushpyaka holding the office of the deputy head of the company «AGAT-management system» (a subsidiary of the holding «Geoinformation Control Systems») currently in talks go on deliveries in the interests of the Belarusian armed forces complexes with UAVs «Berkut-1» and «Berkut -2 «. Both types of UAV refers to a complex tactical intelligence, owning a small radius of action.

Any of these complexes are able to solve the puzzles, and Belarusian military still only decide which systems need to book. Currently, UAVs «Berkut-1» and «Berkut-2» are preparing for flight testing of municipal, after which they will be assigned a serial character reference. When specific data drones entered service of the Belarusian army is not yet clear.

UAV «Berkut-1» short-range actions — it vsesutochny tactical unmanned aerial system, which is designed to output data targeting fire weapons and mechanized infantry units of special forces units, as opto-electronic reconnaissance. «Berkut-1» in the real-time monitoring provides the surrounding countryside, the detection and identification of both ground and surface facilities and the issuance of their location coordinates.

With very little weight — only 15 kg — the unit «Berkut-1» together with a payload able to absolutely automatically fly a distance of 15 km at an altitude of 1000 meters. Cruising speed machine is 50-80 km / h, the unit can be flown for 1.5 hours. Equipment installed on it allows you to send the coordinates found targets with an accuracy of more than 50 meters. The device produces hand-off specifically military operators, landing UAV carried out by means of a parachute. UAVs can be set as desired load in 3 types of modules: TV, photo or infrared reconnaissance.

UAV «Berkut-2» is able to solve similar tasks in the interests of artillery units and missile forces, as mechanized infantry units, but differ in size and bolshennymi best aircraft performance characteristics. This drone is executed in imported version. With a total weight of 50 kg aircraft with a payload able to absolutely automatically fly a distance of 35 km, at an altitude of 3000 meters. Cruising speed of 80-100 km / h While in the air — 2:00. Accuracy properties positioning purposes in vehicles «Berkut-1» and «Berkut-2» are similar. UAV for takeoff «Berkut-2» uses a catapult, landing also carried out with the help of a parachute. Set payload also contains 3 modules intelligence. Complex «Berkut-2» served as part of the calculation of 2 people.

In addition, the exposure of Belarus contained disk imaging a more perfect car — tactical unmanned aircraft systems «Grif-100.» This unit is designed for the detection, search and identify objects in the field (including aqua on the surface), to determine their origin. In addition, the UAV can be used for solving electronic oppression (REB) electronic means possible opponent, also conducting topographic reconnaissance. Takeoff weight of this drone is already 165 kg. It can fly at speeds up to 165 km / h, the highest altitude — 3000 meters. Payload weight — 20 kg, time of flight — 5 hours. This complex consists of an unmanned 3 machines: machine control, transport vehicles (UAV 4), also car logistics. In the first quarter of 2014 have graduated from flight tests of the complex «Grif-100», then it will begin tests by municipal Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Belarus.

This drone was carried out by two-beam scheme and equipped with gasoline engines, in its case, used the most advanced composite materials. Rise of the drone carried out as «an aircraft» and by launching, landing as «an aircraft», with all this in case of emergency UAV «Grief 100» able to land with the introduction of a parachute. Flight control can be implemented on the already previously compiled route or by coordinates that are transmitted from the ground. UAVs are able to solve assigned tasks in different weather criteria funny day and NIGHT MODE. Own first test flight of the UAV made more February 21, 2012 at the airport Baranovichi flight lasted 10 minutes and was quite normally.

Now the development of unmanned aircraft systems organizations of Belarus cooperate with Russia. Namely, in the framework of the MAKS-2013 Russian company OOO «Irkut Engineering», which is a subsidiary of JSC «Corporation» Irkut «, signed an agreement on cooperation in the development and modernization of tactical unmanned systems class Belarusian company OJSC» AGAT-management system . » Concluded between the companies aim of the agreement is to establish the necessary criteria for the successful conduct innovatorskoy activities are also effective implementation of the developments on both sides in the modernization of production and organization of small radius BAS acts concentration of cash and production resources for effective implementation of programs to develop promising ALS terrain and RF Republic of Belarus, increase the competitiveness of products produced. With all of this production capacity is planned to be located in the main area of ​​the Belarusian company.

It is reported that the two companies plan to conduct a unified advertising policy, to ensure delivery of parts and manufacturing equipment, after-sales service to elevate products together to prepare professionals for maintenance of unmanned aircraft systems, contribute to the development of operational documentation. In the future, Russian and Belarusian developers are going to come out with its developments on international markets.

Currently, UAV development in Belarus is one of the main areas of activity innovatorskoy. Minsk today made all the conditions for education and training of qualified personnel. Now the aviation department of the Military Academy of Belarus has opened a specialty «Unmanned aircraft systems.» Learn in this specialty future unmanned systems operators. Also at the Department of Military Faculty of Minsk Municipal Higher Aviation Institute study of spices that should fill the ranks of engineers and technical staff of these complexes.

To prepare professionals and joint development of promising samples UAVs as part of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus has created special center for training and implementation of ALS. In the center of the real rate of introduction of modern UAVs are experts at various law enforcement agencies of the country.

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