Belarusians abroad haul meat, cucumbers, potatoes, Used Cars …

At the border crossing "Bruzgi — Bialystok Forge", which is near Grodno, cars that are imported for sale in Belarus, to stand in line for 4-5 hours. People say that this is a big improvement over the way before you had to stand even a day or two.

On Tuesday, the State Customs Committee said that the border crossings directed additional controllers. In Bruzgi convinced that the local situation has changed little in appearance: machines, queues, people, and all that — in constant motion.

Lord standing next to lyafetam and discuss how best to dayazhzhats to cities in Germany and the Netherlands. How should they go for used cars. I asked the master: where he is going and for how long?

Mr."On average, spend about a week."

Reporter"And what country going?"

Mr."And I do not care, I do not find a car, give me the address, I just call in, take away and attract here. And now I am going to Germany. "

Grodnenets, Mr. Anatoly, rides used cars in Germany. On lyafetse it will attract just two foreign cars.

I asked the other: in which countries are they going?

Mr."Who in Germany, who in Poland, and who is in Belgium …".

Reporter"A car is now more or less pull?"

Mr."Oh, much more. You see, we have about the traffic police have to stand for three days to register the car. "

Reporter"A change in price or a car?"

Mr."It depends — when and how. Too much competition among those who fetches the machine, so they are not really rising. "

Lord added that every day for the transition to the stage at the Forge car is worth at least 50-60 cars are from Western Europe. I ask, how much they have to stand in line?

Mr."To fully move Belarusian and Polish border, takes about four hours."

Second, Mr."But it's only because now a small queue. And if the car is already there before the intersection, then will stand for eight hours. "

The queue of cars at the border crossing in Bruzgi.

In a two-car mistress. I ask them — for what they go abroad? One smiles and says that, all at once, and the other pavazhneyshaya adds:

"Well, look, I'm an ordinary working, getting 500,000, and read in the newspapers that people in Minsk minimally earn a half million. And where we have it? I'm going there, I buy there cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes, onions, meat, oranges, two thousand per kilogram, apples, three thousand. "

Her friend adds"Cheese there is 12-13 thousand, and we have long been 17, the meat without bones — 10-12 thousand, tomatoes — 4000, cucumbers — two thousand, and we at eight."

By joining our conversation, gentlemen, no joke saying that for a million, which they can earn in Belarus, would long ago, as they say, went on foot.

FIRST GENTLEMAN"What this million, paid for the apartment — and …".

Second man: "I have 502,000 loan on a monthly basis, adding 160,000 for utilities — get 660,000. And there is 340 to feed a family — how they live? It's only a hundred dollars. "

The first thing you do foreign truck, having driven in Belarus — is poured while still cheaper than in Europe, the Belarusian diesel fuel.



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