Belarusians are buying gold

According to the online edition of the "Belarusian News" when faced with a shortage of currency in the domestic market, the residence to protect their savings from possible devaluation start actively buying the precious metal. In the first quarter sales of gold bullion rose to 5 (!) Times compared to the same period last year.

The increased demand for gold has emerged in January and February, when the population and businesses buy gold bullion is 2.3 times more than in January and February of last year. In March, amid rumors of devaluation of the currency and the deficit at the same time investing in gold has become even more intense.

Investing in gold is still one of the best investments of capital

Only last month, the bank has sold 471.5 kg of gold, accounting for over 30% of sales of gold bullion for all of last year (1,235.88 kg). Over the past five years, the Belarusians have never bought so much bullion in March.

Experts attribute this not only with caution in relation to the devaluation. Investing in gold is still one of the most effective investment capital due to rising global prices for the precious metal.

In 2010, through the fear of investors about the state of the U.S. economy, and through the expected deepening debt crisis in Europe, gold has risen in price by 20%. This year, interest in gold increased conflicts in the Middle East, which is also reflected in the price. According to recent reports, the price of gold reached 1,438.2 dollars per ounce.

"If the price of gold will rise in world markets, so will grow with us"

Jumping gold prices affect the course of the sale of gold bullion in Belarus. As explained, "the Belarusian news" in the management of the National Bank of, "if the price of gold will rise in world markets, so will grow with us."

Since the beginning of the sale price, for example, the most popular bars of 10 g increased by 150 thousand rubles. Cast on 20 g in three months rose by 300,000 rubles, and the pound — almost 14 million rubles.

Actively investuyuchy in gold output Belarusians expect to profit. For example, last year, the minimum rate of return on bullion of about 14% in dollars and 21% in rubles. Neither contribution nor in the water bank did not provide this level of profitability.

Buying and selling gold bullion unprofitable, despite the rise in prices

In This year, Gold can also show good profitability. However, so far, in terms of short-term gains, investment in gold bullion are not justified. Buying and selling gold bullion unprofitable, despite the rise in prices. For example, sold in early January, gold bar 10 g at the price of 1,478,000 rubles today National Bank to buy back at the price of 1,415,000 930 rubles. In efektse — "minus" 63,000 rubles.

Such a result of investing in gold — a consequence of the pricing policy of the National Bank. If the rate of purchase of three months has increased by almost 3%, the selling rate of the population — 10%. By the end of the year the situation is expected to change for the benefit of investors, but it is possible that the level of dahodnastsi through such pricing may be lower than last year.

In January-March, according to the National Bank, the volume of sales of gold bullion amounted to 680.338 kg. However, it is the second figure in the last 5 years. Sales record was set in January-March of 2008, when banks sold 883 kg of gold bullion.


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