«Beretta» presented the newest weapon in the Russian Spetsnaz

The company «Beretta Defense Technologies» (Beretta Defense Technologies), in cooperation with the company «Russian Eagle» presented at the Metropolitan exhibition «Interpolitex 2013» family of versatile assault rifles ARX-160, having a modular type design created for Russian consumers
Over the past couple of years, these rifles have become one of the most popular tools for small systems SWAT many states.

As told the newspaper «Military-Industrial Courier» representative of «Beretta» Irakli Grigolo, ARX-160 by changing the barrel, sights and other installation easy manipulation, simply adapts to any special purpose units puzzles. Moreover, depending on the nature of goals, users can rapidly change caliber rifle with 5.56 mm by 7.62 mm and back.

«For this to change quite a trigger mechanism and a shop. If the user left-handed, for the option rifle under him he needs to do two ordinary, do not require special equipment operation, «- explained Grigolo.

However, he refused to name the likely cost of an assault rifle and comment on the prospects for the Russian market. Only representative of the company stressed that the cost will be formed regardless of the number of ordered trunks, additional equipment and other market factors.

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