Beware, the track UFO!

The area Dolgoderevenskaya (Chelyabinsk region) an unusual road sign: inside the white triangle painted … flying saucer! And beneath it a living thing — probably a stranger … So apparently someone decided to joke way of motorists. Meanwhile, a meeting of UFO on the road is really ripe for trouble.

Initially there flaunted empty triangle sign a secondary road. By the way, intentional damage of road signs involves 40 thousand fine of up to three months of arrest. But too much attention to the "plate", rather than give way implies an emergency situation …

And yet, we know that in every joke there is a joke. When a UFO, according to witnesses, often smothered engines in cars, junk appliances and electronics, and people feel worse, or there is a temporary loss of awareness. This is observed in the anomalous zones, which often appear unidentified flying objects. Ufoaktivnyh many such areas in the Urals and in the area of Chelyabinsk, too.

Thus, the chairman of the Chelyabinsk branch of the research association "Kosmopoisk" Andrew Lyubushkin told that somehow the car, was driving on the highway near the village of Bigard, engine stopped. At the same time the driver and passengers in the air saw two stationary elongated object. Inside the UFO could be seen some items cylindrical. Half an hour later the objects vanished into thin air.

In North-West district of Chelyabinsk two local residents, walk the dog, saw a bright red star, is rapidly declining, as if falling on top of them. Dogs turn tail and whined piteously. Suddenly stopped its object and hovered in the air. On closer examination, the UFO appeared similar to a child's whirligig with windows that flickered shadows. In "Julia" opened the hatch, where a flood of blue light. Rays seemed touching their people. We witness a sense, like looking at them under a microscope … But they could not move, staying in a sort of hypnotic state. It lasted about five minutes, then sucked back beam and the object disappeared.

Experienced similar feelings and resident Miass, watching gray object hovering above the trees and also beaming. For a time, people could not get off the ground — if it embraced paralysis, accompanied by intense fear. In the end, the contactee an effort managed to escape from the radiation. A few days later, he and his family went to look at this place. They found a land withered like burnt grass.

And to this day in the Chelyabinsk region appear strange glowing objects — most often in the form of balls and triangles.

Cases of "alien hypnosis" there is, of course, not only near Chelyabinsk. In May 1958, two of the tractor Kokchetav region saw over the field, where they worked, unusual flying object. Rather than continue to work as a team, they moved toward him. Object slowly moved away from them, finally decreased and disappeared. Observers also inexplicably found themselves in a strange camp, 50 kilometers from the place where they lived and worked. They could not explain why quit their jobs and followed the object. He beckoned them to follow him …

In 1967, in the town of Ithaca (NY), many people have seen a UFO. A young American, who participated in the investigation of these cases, one night out of the house on business. He was sitting in the car, and suddenly, without knowing why, he returned to the house and began to collect books lying on the table and put them in a bookcase. Finally the young man said to himself, "Enough time!" After that came out of the house and got into the car.

What happened next, he did not remember. Woke up in a hospital room at a railway crossing his car collided with a train. The car was shattered, and he himself was wounded. Later, he calculated that, if not pointless delay in the house, he managed to successfully cross the crossing before a train pass. Nor how he was driving the car, nor how involved in an accident, has been preserved in his memory …

So with unidentified flying objects trifled with. Parapsychologists recommend approaching UFOs as possible to avoid contact with him. Otherwise, you could be severely damaged, if not stay alive!

Irina Shlionskaya

Category: UFOs and aliens

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