Birds in the Orenburg region poisoned by toxic substances in the sludge warehouse

The cause of mass death of birds near slurry pits cryolite plant in Kuvandyk (Orenburg region) was poisoned by toxic substances, trapped in the body of water, said on Friday Office of Rosselkhoznadzor for Orenburg region.

In the area of slurry pits "Yuzhnouralsky cryolite plant" November 5, along the shoreline of the reservoir were found dead 168 white-fronted geese, nine swans and one duck. Experts during the inspection of the water samples and carcasses of dead birds to determine the cause of mass death, and revealed a large concentration of industrial waste all around the southern and eastern parts of slurry pits

"The main cause of bird death is poisoning its poisonous substances contained in the liquid fraction of slurry tank, which is confirmed by autopsy. Birds burns mucous pharynx, larynx and trachea. Significant amount of toxic substances contained in the liquid fraction of a reservoir that birds drink after a long trip" — said in a statement.

It clarifies the department, in a laboratory study of three samples of the sludge tank found exceeding the allowed rate of sulfate several times.

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