Boat Yuri Yakhnenko for the Russian Emergencies Ministry launched at the Lake Shipyards

Ltd. "Marsh Shipyard» (Laky Verf, Shlisselburg, Leningrad Region), April 23, launched the second in a line of multi-purpose vessels boat "Yuri Yakhnenko" 14M project, being built by the state order. The boat is intended for PKU "Supply Center of the Federal Fire Service of the State Fire Service Emergency Russia."

Boat launch took place with the traditions of the Russian Navy, and the godmother "of Yuri Yakhnenko" was the main expert of department of Media Relations Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in St. Petersburg Olga Semenova. The project is multi-speed boats 14M is an advanced continuation of the boats 13M developed Laky Verf. As the IAA "IAA" General Director of "Black-headed shipyard" Konstantin Buryanov "feature of this boat is that it is a modification of the revised draft of the vessel, which was built earlier and delivered to different regions of the Russian Far East to St. Petersburg." Increased the amount of fuel on board, which in turn has increased the range of the route that the ship can pass without refueling.

"We also increased the stern area of 12 square meters. m, which allowed the deployment of additional equipment for rescue, diving, fire equipment, — said Konstantin weeds. — Increased the engine room, which has improved the maintenance of the engines, for the work was comfortable. "

The boat is equipped with an additional control station on the lookout for steering in low visibility conditions. In addition, the boat is equipped with an inflatable boat with a motor, providing the opportunity to approach, if necessary, to the shores of unequipped for rapid assistance in shallow water, as well as for other tasks, he added.

"We have finalized the passage from side to side, now pass on the right side is for the armchair navigator that allows you to not be distracted from the control of the vessel when moving from side to side. In addition, we have put additional monitors to connect the DVR with the design of offenses ", — said Konstantin weeds.

Honours boats for GIMS is the installation of an additional three life rafts, each of which is designed for 10 people, which allows the boat if necessary to arrive at the scene, where rafts can be lowered into the water to rescue the victims, said weeds. "Traditionally, I want to note the use of soft fendering, which allows for docking to reduce damage to the outer skin of the hull or even avoid them", — said the head of Laky Verf.

Bookmark the hull was made December 1, 2012. At the end of May 2013 to be transferred to a vessel in the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in St. Petersburg. Until the end of 2013 in the shipyard plans to build five more boats of this series.

A total of 2013 shipyard will build similar boats 8 (6 — 14M and 2 of the project — Project 13M).

The customer is the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, Gosmorrechnadzor, the Federal Customs Service.

"Marsh Shipyard» (Laky Verf) located on the territory of the "Nevsky Shipyard" (Leningrad region., Shlisselburg) and has its own production facilities. Shipyard since 2005, engaged in the construction of motor yachts premium. In development projects yachts involved in the yachting world famous designers — the Dutch Guido de Piles (Guido de Groot) Laupman and Frank (Frank Laupman). Since the foundation of the company's commercial contracts were built 6 boats Project 23 M (length 23.5 m), each of which has passed the navigation test. Construction supervision is carried out by the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping.

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