Borys Kit stepping into another century

April 6 prominent Belarusian scientist, educator and Barys Kit celebrates 101 years. Borys Kit — a former director of the Vilnius and Novogrudskaya Belarusian gymnasium, an American scholar, an expert in the field of astronautics, mathematics, physics, chemistry, Professor Emeritus of the University of Maryland in the United States, the International Academy of Astronautics.

On the eve of this date Borys Kit expressed support for Belarusian political prisoners.

No special celebrations for its 101 th birthday of Boris Kit does not plan to, he's going to celebrate a holiday in a small circle of family and friends in the German Frankfurt-am-Main, where he lives lately.

Cook books, all sorts of things their that plan to send in my museum in Nowogrodek

Boris Kit is still trying to lead an active life, though, says, his health is poor:

"According to my age, health can not be strong. At this age, all people become weak.'s Natural. Already, you know, I can not walk very little go. Disease is associated with age — all prycheplivaetstsa matsuyusya … but still!"

Despite that Boris Kit active interest, the situation in Belarus, the United States and other countries:

"I read that it is possible, but are weak eyes. Many can no longer read. Preparing books, all sorts of things their that plan to send in my museum in Nowogrodek."

Very sad that so done in Belarus. It reminds me of my years when I lived in Poland, and also sat in prison

Friends of Boris China in Minsk for his birthday about to release a book, prepared after his 100th birthday. Borys Kit says that actively maintains contact with friends in Belarus and Now that he is very concerned about what is happening at home, how unfolded wave of repression, the fact that many activists are in prison or have moved into exile, hiding from persecution;

"It is very sad that so done in Belarus. This reminds me of my years when I lived in Poland, and also sat in prison. But survivors. Twice sat at the Polish government and once — in German, in the Deep, on death row. Very sad .. and it's bad, but one can see, our destiny Belarus — always have to sit in jail. Belarus can not get into a good time. the Ukraine a little better and easier, as well as in Poland, they came forward, up . And Belarus is not in any way … "

Today, when Boris China offers numerous congratulations and best wishes on the occasion of the 101 th birthday, He expressed his wishes and his countrymen, especially those who are in the prisons of:

"I wish you the best luck in everything: in private life, and the struggle for our country! I wish them endure great suffering. "

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