Brainwashing of our subconscious!

Many people like to watch TV, listen to your favorite hits on the radio, but few people realize that the transfer of funny, comedy, romance, tough fighters, music, songs can be pushed to violence, drugs, alcohol, depression, murder, suicide, sex, debauchery ( unwanted children with physical mental disabilities).

Hidden subliminal messages can be very obvious or very subtle to notice them you have to be very observant. However, these messages around the clock every second excite audiences through television screens and advertising are now everywhere, inoffensive image posters for movies, etc. They can also be included by accident, which means producers "did not intend" he added. But the human mind is extremely creative and insightful.

The subliminal messages are added to the films spices, intrigue disputes, making these cinematic masterpieces more impressionable and memorable.

Here are a few examples:

Rescuers Cartoon

Disney. This is a cartoon about a rat who flew on a rescue mission. Very much a family cartoon, is not it? That was before, while the audience did not see a naked woman on the far end of the screen.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame cartoon

Family Cartoon Hunchback of Notre Dame, it's about skazaka hunchback Quasimodo, who lived in the tower of the church of Notre Dame. He lived a very lonely life, was a joke for everyone, one day he saw Esmeralda, the gypsy girl who captured his heart. However, in the movie you will see not only Quasimodo and Esmeralda, but also other well famous world of heroes Disney, like Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pumbaa. In a moment where they are in Paris, can be clearly seen all these characters dancing around.

Here are some examples of the commercials and cartoons

In the West, a few decades ago, codes of law provided the prohibition of all subliminal techniques in advertising, cinema, print, radio and television. But no one has addressed the issue of the prohibition of the dissemination of this law in the production of records, tapes and material intended for listening and viewing. This omission of the law allowed the rock-and-roll to get a free hand to use all available electronic technology in order to corrupt the minds and hearts of young people. The authors of the concept of subliminal messages were fully aware of the order in which they would like to achieve: namely, to make a deep revolution, capable of any kind of subversion. Audience with absolutely no idea of what it is subjected to manipulation, felt a deep incursion into the area of consciousness and subconsciousness. Due to the fact that no conscious thought or will not suspect any danger and is unable to make any sound judgment, the message is captured in the subconscious, where it stands, is reconstructed to be transferred through the memory conscious "I".

Messages sent to the satanic rock music and affect the subconscious, a very broad range content:

— all kinds of sexual perversions,
— call to revolt against the established order,
— inducement to suicide
— incitement to violence and murder,
— dedication to Satan.
— Let's listen to what they say themselves followers of rock.

The magazine "Rolling Stone" states the following: "Rock — it's more than music, it is the energy center of the new culture of young people served the revolution."

Geoffrey Cannon, English music critic, wrote: "Rock music, penetrating into the wrong ears could be an incitement to murder."

Mick Jagger of "The Rolling Stones", calling himself "Lucifer of Rock", declares: "Our conditions are always aimed at to control the thought and the will of the people, most of the other groups doing the same."

According to Jean-Paul Rezhimbalya, the following techniques subliminal messages.

1. Verbal subliminal message.

For example, the phrase inserted "backwards" so that they become audible when the record is played in the reverse direction, as well as the words recorded on the contrary can be read in a mirror.

Scientific studies have shown that the subconscious mind can catch phrase written on the contrary, then it can decrypt the message, even if it is expressed in an unknown language audience.

This dual phenomenon is a proof of the vicious intentions of those who practice this course of action. That is why we call this mode of action as a true assault on consciousness.
Suffice it to lose in the opposite direction on a record the song "Another bites the dust" of the group «Queen», to clearly hear the words title words: "Start to smoke marijuana."

Dr. Jost M. Meerloo: "Furious noise rock causes violent emotional reactions and destroys all control mechanisms for protection."

To create the conditions for subliminal messages are used by four of techniques:

modulation frequency,

the use of very low frequency (14-20 Hz)

the use of high frequency (17000-20000 cps)

using a variable speed that can be seen only with special equipment.

2. Bit and his subconscious effect.

Subliminal signals can also be transmitted by bit. Current strength lies in the intermittent pulsation, rhythms that cause biopsychic body reaction that may affect the functioning of the various organs of the body. A bit can cause increased heart rate and increase in adrenaline, it can not only cause a pleasant feeling in the genital area, but also sexual arousal, reaching up to the orgasm.

3. Subliminal signal.

On the disc can record the signal to the ultrasonic frequency (similar to the silent dog whistle). In case when the brain for prolonged periods exposed such sound, it is a biochemical reaction similar to that caused by morphine, which is indicated by the name of the signal "endorphin" (natural morphine). This reaction produces a double effect: an unusual feeling of something pleasant and activation of brain processes. It's the same as if the hyperactivity of the brain has enabled more clearly understand the subliminal message. It becomes a vicious circle.


The fourth technique for transmitting subliminal signal is based on the use of strobe. (Strobe — the device that allows a controlled intermittent light emission observed in slow motion fast moving objects). With this device can as desired rotation speed of light and darkness, what leads to a significant weakening sense orientation, judgment and ability to speed reflexes.

Found that the stroboscopic light performs the following steps in the case where the light-dark alternation occurs with a frequency of 6-8 Hz, this causes loss of depth perception, as well as when the frequency of the alternating light-dark is 25 hertz, the flash light begin to interfere with brain alpha waves that control the ability to concentrate, in the case where the frequency increases still further, then this leads to a loss of the ability to control. In the case where the effect of rock music combined with the play of light strobe, it leads to a violation of all barriers of moral judgment. Personality loses its automatic reflexes and mechanisms of self-protection. Even without this notice, she allows herself to inspire by offering a subliminal message, written on the plates. In the face of these extremely specialized technical resources, the human being is experiencing violence at the level of their freedom, the ability of free judgment and their usual protective gear. That is why the term "rape awareness" is not too strong to express the mental, moral and spiritual harm experienced by an audience of rock music.

An illustrative example is the famous song "Led Zeppelin" "Stairway to Heaven". Word of the third verse: "I tremble with excitement when I look to the west. And my spirit longs to get out. In my mind I saw the circles of smoke rising from the trees "contain subliminal message that the mind can grasp only when playing records backwards. In this case, you can clearly hear: "I must live for Satan."

Suffice it to lose in the opposite direction on a record the song "Another bites the dust" of the "Queen" in order to clearly hear the words title: "Start to smoke marijuana."

In the composition of "The Beatles'" Revolution No. 9 "also made a subliminal message. Listening in the opposite direction gives: "Bring me the sexual pleasure, dead man" ("dead man" in the satanic doctrine — it is Jesus Christ.)

In the song "When the electricity came to Arkansas" band "Black Oak Arkansas", recorded the scene, one of the parts is a collection of meaningless words and howls all the members of the group. When playing in the opposite direction reveals contained in this part of the message: "Satan, Satan … Satan … he — God, he — God," which ends with a demonic laugh.

In the song "Led Zeppelin" "Stairway to Heaven" contained a lyrical passage: "There is still time to change the way in which you go." Being Lost in the opposite direction, this passage becomes: "My sweet Satan, no one else has paved the way …".

If you are not yet convinced that all television zombiruet, then take a look at one of the card games «Illuminati», where it is shown that all of this was planned long ago.

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Brrrr … knew that brainwash us and our children, but did not think that from an early age …

All clear thought and clear your mind!


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