Britain ready for an alien invasion

A former employee of the UK Ministry of Defence Nick Pope, who worked as an expert on UFOs, said that his country has a complete set of tools that can be used in the event of an invasion of space. Among them are former military called drones, and mentioned other weapons which can not be made public for another 15 years.

Pope worked for the War Department for 21 years and engaged in consultation about possible threats from extraterrestrial life forms, reports Supreme2. Each year, the military tested 200-300 reports of unidentified flying objects, concentrating on their parameters such as speed and agility, what they are significantly inferior earthly aircraft.

In this case, Pope said that the government does not consider the alien invasion a real threat to national security, although it may, the government is simply weak degree of possible threats, as mankind has never faced the threat of military invasion by aliens from outer space.

Category: UFOs and aliens

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