Budimir, I just do not know how else to …

April 8 — the tenth day of hunger strike blogger Budimir, who for the last two years of reviews on the site svaboda.org Belarusian blogosphere. Budimir tells in "Night of Freedom" about the causes of hunger, of their requirements and the conditions of the termination of the action.

Znatkevich: How do you feel on the tenth day of hunger strike?

Budimir: Today, something hard. Well, maybe it's due to the weather, because I meteazalezhny. But that's the tenth day, I felt something that the body supposedly freezes, I was scared. Well, but hold on — what to do …

Znatkevich: There's some kind of pain, you feel some kind of weakness? What are the symptoms?

BudimirWeakness. Well, with heart felt a little harder because I have a general heart problems were and that, and this is where the heart is already being felt.

Znatkevich: Do you have searched doctors in the last few days?

BudimirNo, I live in a rented apartment, I'm not registered here, my clinic at the other end of the city, far from me to go there, and this difficulty is the situation. And an ambulance has no reasons. I suggested, in particular, the mother of Nikita Lihavida his friend the doctor and she said, If it — us, we immediately arrive. But I have not yet addressed.

Znatkevich49-year-old Sergei Malaletkin hungry in Orsha on the eighth day. But his hunger strike held under the motto "15 days of hunger — instead of 15 days in jail." This hunger strike in solidarity with the prisoners for their participation in last year's protest, but Mr. Malaletkin immediately announced time — he's going to stop the hunger strike on April 15. You mean such periods have been told. What would make you stop hunger? What are your requirements?

Budimir: My requirements — Nikita Lihavidu review of the sentence. I believe that the punishment is not consistent with its actions, it is politically motivated. I just stood up for him as the youngest of already convicted in the case of the Plaza.

My requirements — Nikita Lihavidu review of the sentence.

What would cause me to stop hunger? His release. I believe that his case should be reconsidered in the direction of easing, as it has already happened to some persons involved — they now it's "actions grossly violate the public order." The case of Nikita, too, could be revised in this way. He was able to be released, as has already spent more than three months.

Znatkevich: Who destination hunger strike? Which authority would fulfill your requirements? Or the addressee all Belarusian society?

Budimir: In the coming days I will send a letter to the court. Of course, I'm not a lawyer, not a human rights activist, I — the person legally ignorant, so it's more likely to be such can not even claim a moral call. I'm telling you that I have started a hunger strike, I will say why, ask to attach the letter to the case of Nikita. It will appeal to their conscience. I will send a letter to the court. Perhaps, if that makes sense, as the Prosecutor General. And I have a plan — a more detailed list by the public, which the authorities probably also come to that. Lukashenko personally write — we're consulted with his wife,

Lukashenka I decided not to write.

with the family — I decided not to do so because of the presidential candidates were forced to do it. They forced him to write the letter. A write to him voluntarily, agreeing with the fact that he — the only person in the country who decides something, I do not want to.

Znatkevich: But the problem is in the fact that the court and the prosecutor's office — it's cumbersome bureaucratic structure. As long as they get your mail, even if they want to somehow respond to this, there is no persanalizavanay responsibility — are not you afraid that by the time the state of your health can greatly deteriorate?

Budimir: I'm afraid, I'm afraid any surprises, I'm your body just do not know, I'm not a professional starving, a yogi, not an ascetic and never went hungry. But I think they already know about the hunger strike, they certainly are monitoring the independent media, to them, this information came anyway, and I hope that it somehow affected in a positive way. I'm here today inspired news Kovalenko — yet he has made his own, at least today it is temporarily released, and this was the result of a hunger strike. So I also have hope.

Znatkevich: How do you support, feel the solidarity of others?

BudimirYes, certainly, at least on the part of the bloggers — is the core, which for me has become a mother. Yes, of course, felt. And outside the network — from the mother of Nikita Lihavida, she called and thanked me very much,

Our country has turned into a concentration camp.

but in fact is not at all, and said that it's my share, my hunger strike, was considerable support for them. And that is an accomplishment in itself. She told me about Nikita and hunger — it was his support.

Znatkevich: Russian dissident Sergei Kovalev said that it makes sense to go on hunger strike if no other control methods. Typically, this may be in custody. Do you know that in today's Belarus is no other means of struggle and freedom?

Budimir: I think I'm not the first to say this — our country is feeling turned into a concentration camp. We did not have any other methods. Only such a radical, desperate measures.

Znatkevich: Indefinite hunger strike if a person intends to go through — it's actually a slow suicide. Have you declared a hunger strike, gave in his blog a quote — I paraphrase it a bit — if you can not return life, then do not rush to condemn them to death. But this is not just other people's lives, but also their own. Whether or not you think that rushed to the hunger strike?

Budimir: I just do not know how else. How to go on living, confining their private problems, when our country dozens of political prisoners. At the very least, I would like to put yourself also in the same difficult conditions, well,

I can not live knowing that I have at hand affects people absolutely nothing.

at least somewhat similar harsh conditions in which they are located. I can not live like this, knowing that I have at hand, in the same town with me, suffering people, most of them — absolutely nothing. Some are just trumped-up charges — as Dashkevich and head.

Znatkevich: Is there a minimum goal, after which the strike could be stopped?

Budimir: Radically change the requirements I have of course I will not, that would just be ridiculous — well, there is shift to someone else. But if Nikita least reduce the sentence or re-classified this article on "actions grossly violating public order" — I thought it would be an achievement and a hunger strike in such a case would be prepared to stop.

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