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The best proof of meeting people with aliens — are miniature objects of unknown origin and destination, which are found in the bodies of the participants in such meetings. Research mysterious implants always unsuccessful. Nothing they do not and in understanding the phenomenon of HJIO. But give rise to the hypothesis, the main one — the hypothesis of the subordination of one's people are very powerful and unkind will …


The bloody drama in Mumbai hospital

Scientists studying the implants can only say that they are created beings, who retired in scientifically and technologically far beyond us. Major versions of three, first: implants — is tracking devices operating as pulse transmitters. They allow anyone or anything to detect your object (in this case — a person) at any point of the globe. The second version implants act as a device to control people's behavior. Indeed, sometimes the behavior of a man who supposedly lived "close encounters of the third kind," seems to be so, if he was acting under duress.

The third version is the most common, combine the first and second. Implants, she says, is both a transmitter and the devices that monitor and control a person's behavior. But all in all — it is part of a global experiment, which is placed over mankind.

It is believed that the implants work by internal reserves. Unknown creatures live in person this device, wherever they are in the moment are, constantly monitoring his players, read his thoughts and control actions, to the point that at the right time can completely take control of his actions.

Perhaps such complete control over the actions of human aliens implemented during surgery to remove the implant of the 48-year-old Indian Mehdi Chopra. The operation took place in Mumbai in 2010 by Dr. Ajay Rampal.

Mehdi was submerged in general anesthesia, a three-hour operation. But hardly a surgeon's scalpel come in the flesh, as sleeping on the table the patient opened his eyes and sat up. Judging from his fixed stare and a trembling hand, he was in a state similar to a trance. Assistant surgeon injected him a few more doses of anesthetic agents. Mehdi sleep yet he could not. His body kept her strong cramp, he emitted a loud cries.

After a short meeting, it was decided to abandon the introduction of new doses of anesthetics, because it could be dangerous for the patient. Four burly orderlies took Mehdi's legs and arms. The doctor began to open his body. He had almost made it to the implant was in the area of the esophagus, the patient suddenly let out, as discussed later, "inhuman" roar. Then, demonstrating the "superhuman" strength, escaped from the hands of the people to keep it.

At the moment the person Mehdi frozen in ghastly grimace, his eyes bulged, his hands were shaking, body makes ridiculous motion, as if he pulled the invisible threads. First, he rushed to the operating room, throwing devices, and when he tried to grab, and began to throw at people.

He pushed me to the floor and two nurses rushed to the doctor. Remove it from Rampal was virtually impossible. Rabid patient fingers squeezed the doctor's eyes and began to tear the skin on his chest. He had received several blows to the head with a heavy object, cutting the skull. Injuries were incompatible with life, but, strange to say, Mehdi continued to torment the unconscious doctor.

In the end, he pulled, but he ran for a while on the operating room. It represented a terrible spectacle: from his fractured skull emerged almost the entire brain. However, the unfortunate "zombie" continued to cry and made quite sensible, if somewhat automatic movement. Finally he fell, but his body twitched a few more minutes, until finally lost his life.

Become rabid rat

The implant was removed by another surgeon is from a corpse. "The object is not subject to a precise description, it can be described only approximately — says professor of medicine Salmi Abraham. — He seems to oval, but is turn it in your hand, it takes the shape of the letter S. As he was attached to the inside of the spine Mehdi Chopra, and why — it is impossible to say. Chopra on the skin does not have the slightest scar, who spoke about surgery. Surgery to implant the subject could do no surgeon, no doubt. I researched the subject under the microscope. It is covered with dark gray membrane of biological origin. It is elastic to the touch and gentle, I tried to make a cut on it, but did not leave a knife on the surface and scratches. "

Studies have shown that the implant consisted of many

miniature metal "screw", by which he not only screwed into the spine and cartilage, but also in nerve fibers, through which, apparently, have an impact on the entire nervous system and brain.

Professor Abraham spoke about how this implant is introduced into the stomach of rats. An amazing thing implant "itself," "live-Xia" in the rodent spine!

After that, the rat did not show any signs of unusual behavior — so long as to not attempt to retrieve a mysterious item. Like Mehdi Chopra, she "went crazy." She had to cut off his head, and even then it continued for some time to twitch.

The implant and the remains of rats subjected to scrutiny in a special laboratory. Biological composition of the membrane implant failed to decipher, but apparently it was integrated with the metal core and spine implant rats. They also found that the implant itself "alive" in the bones of rats, removed all the veins, nerves and bone connection, and then re-assembled them, but a little differently. Surgery, microsurgery and inaccessible to modern-looking, in general, is meaningless.

Get away from the implant surgeon's scalpel

The largest collection in the world of implants retrieved from the people, is in special department CIA. Among its "artifacts" there is one that looks like a starfish with curved inside tips "legs." In diameter it is about a half inch. This implant is interesting in that it moves in the body, which was discovered.

AN 31-year-old after a car accident that occurred to him in a deserted place in 1988, began to torment the headaches and nightmares. X-rays revealed he had a foreign object in the back, below the right shoulder blade. Location of the subject was recalled for two hours before surgery. However, when the surgeon's scalpel penetrated to the desired point, the subject was not there!

Subsequent examination revealed an implant almost three inches away from the old place. Now he lepilsya to the outer wall of the abdomen.

The second operation was also wasted: the subject and this time slipped away. He moved lower by four and a half inches. After discussing the situation, experts have decided not to do the operations, especially implant does not interfere with the normal operation of the body.

N. made a will in which the death of the body transferred to the medical research. We had to wait too long: after three-plus years, he died in the fire. Elusive alien "bug" was finally removed from his body. Implant, while it is "catching" a few times eluded a surgeon's scalpel, even had to dismember the corpse into several parts.

Extracted from N. subject, in particular its "legs" were covered, like suckers, many miniature "shurupchikov," which, according to experts, can extend it screwed into bone, cartilage and other body tissues. They apparently used the object to move it. They screwed with exquisite accuracy. This was especially noticeable when you remove the nerve fibers in which the screw in the implant.

The whole thing, including the "sucker-shurupchiki" was tightly covered with a thin layer of glassy substance, which could not be broken. The substance had a biological nature, and apparently because of it could implant is implanted in all kinds of fabrics, not causing them to rejection.

With implants better not be joking!

Properties implants sometimes dazzling. In the same collection is CIA miniature objects having magnetic poles, not just two, but four or more. Some implants themselves suddenly begin to softly hum, vibrate and even rotate around its axis. Who and what drives them — is unclear. Also known effect of spontaneous changes in the shape of implants. For example, yesterday the subject of the T-shape, and today, it is an oval.

Recently made public was an incident that occurred in a secret CIA lab during the study of a single implant, which could change shape. He changed it quite often, sometimes it it had to be easy to take in hand.

It was an elongated object, the size of which indeterminable due to its polymorphism. It had a shallow convexity and small holes. You squeeze it with your fingers, then you could feel a weak vibration. The implant acted as a living. When taking it in his hand, he could not, like worm, curl into a ball, and could reach over and turned into a thin cylindrical rod.

On the day of the laboratory squeezed his fingers. The subject repeatedly bent, and then began to stretch and become thinner and thinner. When he reached the diameter of the needle, he bent over and suddenly one end pointed a finger. It all happened quickly. Durable cloth gloves were punctured, and the implant was rapidly enter the flesh. They tried to hold up, but the end of the implant is easily slipped from his hands. "Needle" was included in the finger for 10 seconds. Barely noticeable mark on his finger was gone in half an hour. A survey on the glove puncture showed that the glove was not punctured, and burnt the subject, the temperature of which could be about 1000 degrees Celsius.

X-ray examination of fingers and body officer found no obstructions. The survey was repeated in a week, a month, six months, but they also failed. After the incident, the employee condition worsened, he began to have nightmares. Sometimes at night he wakes up and goes like a lunatic in the room.

Mysterious devices extracted from the bodies of men after their contact with the aliens, obviously man-made origin, and demonstrate an incredible technical ability of newcomers. At the same time, the presence of these devices as refutes the hypothesis of alien energy-nature, which has recently become widespread. Implants prove that aliens — not essential essence, and quite tangible and being with people that are similar

However, do not rule out the possibility that in space there as rational beings, whose basis is the energy and the "dense" razumyane organic nature. Land and those attending, and others. And they both pursue their own goals for the planet and humanity, but what — we have yet to understand.


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