Buraukin: This is not a commission chose Gagarin, that God has chosen …

By this time, Gagarin connection with Belarus and Belarusians are still poorly known. Belarus to the first cosmonaut of the planet and did not get, do not have time … But in Belarus, there are people who were familiar with Gagarin.

Then Vitebsk Regional Committee of the Communist Youth League secretary Joseph Navumchyk often met with Gagarin at congresses and plenums of the Komsomol in Moscow. One day he was late for a meeting and go into the room it was kind of awkward, recalls Mr. Navumchyk:

Joseph Navumchyk

"And then I saw Gagarin, which is a few minutes late. Yuriy asked me to go with him to the rest room of the Presidium, referring to the fact that in this room heard the speech. And we almost all the meeting, something more than an hour, sat together over a cup of coffee (it seems to coffee and grams of twenty drank brandy).

Remembered mutual friends … His relations to the Belarusians, said Gagarin, the most friendly, yes, maybe his ancestors of Belarusians, as the Smolensk region at the end of the nineteenth century more than half consisted of Belarusians and speak Belarusian … Unfortunately, I did not write this talk, was convinced that this is our conversation with Gagarin not the last. He was extremely friendly and interesting people. "

There are other versions — which were not the ancestors of Belarusians Gagarin. Historian Valery Paznyakov writes: "Historically Litvins were the only residents of the western part of the Smolensk region. A Gzhatsk (now Gagarin), the birthplace of the first cosmonaut, is situated on the east of the region. How do I find the Russian researchers, whose ancestors moved to Gagarin Gzhatsk only in the early 20th century. A to that his family lived in the county Chuhlomskim Kostroma province. "

Poet Gennady Buraukin fortunate enough to meet with Yuri Gagarin on several occasions and in formal and informal circumstances, in Moscow, at the congress of the Young Communist League, and in Helsinki, at the World Festival of Youth and Students. At the festival, Mr. Buraukin hit in the creative young people — along with poets Yevgeny Yevtushenko and Dmitry Pavlychko singers Yuri Gulyaev and Nina Drobysheva and others:

Gennady Buraukin

"In the evening, Yuri came to our group of creative young people, and took a little nip. And then I have I got to know him closely. Even said I Belarusian. He said that even a little bit guilty to the Belarusians," I know a poem by heart " The boy and the pilot "Yanka Kupala, and generally my home — almost Belarus. And I'm sorry to Belarus that has traveled almost whole world, and Belarus have not been there. But in the near future I will definitely come to Belarus and personally sell at least half an hour — an hour for our meeting. "So is a human tragedy, when Gagarin died, was for me also a personal tragedy — I saw that we still will have a meeting. .. ".

That grief — grief of humanity and personal grief of the poet Gennady Buraukin and gave birth to a poem, dedicated to Yuri Gagarin — "Poem of parting."

Sometimes a miracle …
But repeated radio
And all the gods were powerless.
Do not store … "

The poet Gennady Buraukin says:

"Really, I gave destiny, God gave me joy to stay around this star, star, I think, forever. Yura was — such charm, such purity, such heat and light. I think this is not the commission chose him, God has chosen, to the person who first took off there, closer to God, that he was such a — a light, sweet, unique. "

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